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Mix Like A Pro with Divine Mixing – Session 2. Complete Video Training Course
Divine Mixing is a one-of-a-kind instructional video series covering all aspects of the mixing and mastering process. Sean Divine will teach you within the context of a real session by real artists. For a small fraction of the cost of hiring a professional engineer, you’ll learn skills and techniques that will consistently push your sound to the next level.

This 21 video course explores the smooth sound of R&B mixing with dynamic performances and lush vocal layering. Taking the learning process a step further, the Deluxe version includes the actual session template** used in the course. Sit back, relax and take notes as you’re guided through every step to achieve the radio-ready sound you’ve been looking for.

Course Topics Included
2 Track Instrumental Mixing – Vocal Consistency – Background Vocal Layering – Pitch Correction – SSL Bus Compression – Session Sync – Multiband Compression – Harmony Leveling – Automation – Vocal Reverb – Adlib Mixing – Creative Vocal Processing – DeEssing – Vocal Editing – Metering – Mastering – Stereo Width – Panning – Bussing and Sends – Equalization – Turntable Emulation – Mono Compatibility – Export Settings – And Much More


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