原始的,进步的力量由TesseracT的Jay Postones提供。


前卫金属 MIDI包由TesseracT的Jay Postones演奏,大致基于他与乐队的目录。期望有这样一个系列,融合的复杂性,爵士乐的微妙之处以及金属的原始,未经过滤的力量交织在一起,形成了一种具有节奏感的,硬音的,错综复杂的复杂音色的合金。



  • 律动和加花填充受现代前卫金属的启发
  • 由TesseracT的Jay Postones执行
  • 4/4和6/8直感
  • 超过400个单独播放的文件
  • 节奏范围从95 BPM到156 BPM

Raw, progressive power courtesy of Jay Postones of TesseracT.

Tesseract. A four-dimensional hypercube presenting almost endless possibilities in the world of space, time and geometry. Project this cubic prism science on the world of MIDI and an infinite maze of unexplored space unfolds. At a glance, just tiny dots in the grid of your DAW. Combined, a composite of perfect symmetry that can be changed, rearranged and pushed beyond the confines of imagination. Welcome to the MIDI matrix.

The Progressive Metal MIDI pack was performed by Jay Postones of TesseracT and is loosely based around his own catalogue with the band. Expect a collection where the complexity of fusion, the subtlety of jazz and the raw, unfiltered power of metal intertwines to a form a polyrhythmic alloy of hard-hitting, ghost note-riddled sophistication.

These are drum foundations pushed to the limit of technicality, performed with razor-sharp finesse by one of the world’s premier progressive metal drummers.


Drum grooves and fills inspired by modern progressive metal
Performed by Jay Postones of TesseracT
4/4 and 6/8 in straight feel
More than 400 of individually played files
Tempos ranging from 95 BPM to 156 BPM

PS:Midi预设无法独立运行,安装前请先安装 EZdrummer/EZdrummer 2/Superior Drummer 2/Superior Drummer 3

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