8dio Intimate Studio Brass KONTAKT
Team DECiBEL | 06 Oct 2020 | 10.90GB

8Dio Intimate Studio Brass标志着8Dio专业级录音室管弦乐器系列的最新篇章,采用先进的技术来实现现代,可播放和完全可定制的录音室声音。

Intimate Studio Brass拥有140多个小时的会议资料,利用了最好的现代录音和隔离技术。真正的隔离意味着我们能够同时捕获所有四个演奏者(小号1,小号2,长号和低音长号),确保每个演奏者之间的所有发音都无缝地融合在一起,使您能够混合,匹配和创建自己的声音。



8Dio Intimate Studio Brass使您可以直接访问超过45种高级和独特的关节,从而可以创建,平衡和自定义关节矩阵。保存您喜欢的配置,并创建定义您的声音的自定义演奏风格集合。


8Dio Intimate Studio Brass marks the latest chapter in 8Dio’s pro-grade line of studio orchestral instruments, featuring advanced techniques to achieve a modern, playable and fully customizable studio sound.

With over 140 hours of session material, Intimate Studio Brass utilizes the best in modern recording and isolation technologies. True isolation means we were able to capture all four players (Trumpet 1, Trumpet 2, Trombone, and Bass Trombone) simultaneously, ensuring that all articulations seamlessly blend between each player, allowing you to mix, match, and create your very own sound.

For this collection of instruments, we experimented with both the somber, softer side of brass as well as the eccentric and unconventional effects found in many pop, swing and jazz productions. While not large in numbers, the unique properties of tight, dry and close studio brass are essential for composing in these styles as well as many other modern compositions.

Each instrument features its own fully functional mixer, allowing you to fine tune the sound and positioning of your custom ensemble. Blend each instrument to perfection with functions such as Routing, Volume, Panning, and even Positioning with the brand new Distance Control which seamlessly blends between an upfront direct signal and a more spacious and ambient position.

8Dio Intimate Studio Brass gives you direct access to over 45 advanced and unique articulations, allowing you to create, balance and customize your articulation matrix. Save your favorite configurations and create a custom collection of playing styles that define your sound.

As well as traditional articulations we also included a range of unique muted and sound effect based sound-sets utilizing varying mute types and techniques allowing you to add interest and flair to your next composition.

Intimate Studio Sound
Intimate Studio Brass contains an ensemble of four instruments (2 Trumpets, 1 Trombone, and 1 Bass Trombone). With all four players recorded simultaneously every articulation seamlessly blends between each instrument. From the expressive and smooth layered Legatos to the hyper-realistic dynamic flowing Arcs, Intimate Studio Brass offers a vast array of playing options with over 45 individually captured articulations per instrument.

Individual Instrument Mixer
Advancing the concept of ensemble building, Intimate Studio Brass gives you the ability to create your very own custom Brass section, from a full four-piece quartet to individually recorded soloists. To further customize your ensemble we have also included the ability to adjust the overall balance, panning, and even distance of each individual player.

Deep and Articulated
The articulation matrix within Intimate Studio Brass gives you access to the result of over 140 hours of pristine studio recordings. Each instrument has been deeply sampled with all relevant articulations symmetrically recorded; giving you the ability to blend, mix and create your very own custom ensemble.

Advanced Browsing
Intimate Studio Brass allows you to load the ideal set of articulations needed for your project, with dozens of playing styles organized into four core categories; Traditional, Muted, Performance, and of course Effects. Everything is conveniently housed in one easy to use interface, so you can focus on making even music faster, and with complete freedom.

24 GB compressed to 11.67 GB (28,399 Samples)
Deep-Sampled Intimate Solo Brass
Advanced Individual Instrument Controls
Deep-Sampled Trumpet 1 & Trumpet 2
Deep-Sampled Trombone & Bass Trombone
True Layered Legatos
Tempo Synced & BPM Measured Articulations
Fluent Microphone Control Between Near-Field and Ambient Positions
Product only available as Direct Download
Full Retail Version of Kontakt 5.6 (or later) Required

请使用 KONTAKT 5.6 或更高版本打开

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