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Fire Filters 是 Fire 系列中第一个 Acqua 插件套件,专用于低切和高切滤波器。 该套件包含两个独特的插件。

音频可以通过多种不同类型的滤波器进行处理,包括带通、陷波、全通等。 每个过滤器响应都有其特定的使用领域。 对于 Fire 系列的第一个版本,我们选择展示两种最常用类型的变体:高通(或低切)和低通(高切)。 有 13 种高通 (HP) 滤波器和相同数量的低通 (LP) 滤波器,总共 26 种不同的滤波器。

得益于 Acustica 团队的精心规划和设计,再加上 N4 库开发人员 SoundDrops 的宝贵贡献,我们构建并采样了模拟模块化硬件滤波器,以创建当今市场上最好、最完整的模拟模拟仿真产品之一 。


Fire Filters is the first Acqua plugin suite within the Fire series that is dedicated to low and high cut filters. The suite contains two unique plugins.

About Fire Filters
Audio can be processed by a several different types of filter, including band-pass, notch, all-pass, and beyond. Each filter response has its own specific field of use. For this first Fire series release, we have chosen to present variations of two of the most commonly used types: high-pass (or low cut) and low-pass (high cut). There are 13 variants of high-pass (HP) filters and the same number of low-pass (LP) filters, for a total of 26 different filters.

Thanks to careful planning and design by the Acustica team, combined with the invaluable contribution of N4 library developer SoundDrops, we have built and sampled an analog modular hardware filter to create one of the best and most complete analog emulation products for filtering on the market today.

What’s New
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