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借助 Magenta 5,我们达到了前所未有的声音准确性水平。 这个令人惊叹的插件再现了采样硬件单元的相同特征、频率和相位响应,直至最微小的变量,这使得这些备受追捧的单元如此受欢迎。 我们甚至改进了原始电路设计固有的一些缺点和怪癖,以便为您提供更多的多功能性。 Magenta 可帮助您增强声音的影响力并比以往更快地实现您想要的结果。

Magenta 5 复制了一系列在美国手工制造的高端电子管处理器。 它在鼓、打击乐器、吉他、模拟合成器、贝斯和人声等单一音源上表现出色,同时也可以作为理想的母带处理处理器。 从硬压缩到柔和的均衡和音调塑造,Magenta 直观的控制让您可以为您的混音选择完美的“颜色”,从而为您的耳朵带来多维的聆听体验。

我们为这套出色的插件采样的电子管均衡器的零售价超过 6500 欧元,价格并不便宜。 幸运的是,您无需花钱购买昂贵的硬件 – Magenta 5 EQ 可以完美捕捉原始机器全息立体图像中最复杂的细微差别。 现在,您只需花费一小部分价格即可拥有这款无可挑剔的设备的立体声和单声道版本。


With Magenta 5, we’ve reached a level of sonic accuracy that’s never been heard before. This astonishing plugin reproduces the same character, frequency and phase response of the sampled hardware units down to the tiniest variables, which are what make these sought-after units so desirable. We have even improved on some of the drawbacks and quirks inherent to the original circuit designs in order to offer you even more versatility. Magenta helps you increase the impact of your sound and achieve the results you want quicker than ever.

A Thousand Shades of Magenta
Magenta 5 replicates a series of high-end tube processors hand-built in the USA. It works wonders on single sources like drums, percussions, guitars, analog synths, bass, and vocals, but functions as an ideal mastering processor as well. From hard compression to velvety equalization and tonal shaping, Magenta’s intuitive controls allow you to select the perfect “color” for your mix, resulting in a multi-dimensional listening experience your ears will thank you for.

Your New Favorite Mastering EQ
With a retail price of over €6500, the tube equalizer we sampled for this fantastic suite of plugins is not cheap. Luckily for you, you don’t need to pony up for expensive hardware — the Magenta 5 EQ perfectly captures the even most complex nuances of the holographic stereo image of the original machine. Now you can have both a stereo and a mono version of this impeccable piece of equipment for a fraction of the price.