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延迟 44
有时,一拖再拖是不够的。 这就是为什么 Platone Studio Delay44 将两种延迟与一系列可定制功能相结合,以实现只有在最特殊的插件中才能找到的深入声音设计方法。

使用 EQ Shape 功能自动创建狂野的音效,使用 Autopan 选项调整立体声宽度,并在多种类型的 Ambient 之间浏览以将声音放入不同的物理环境中。

Delay44 附带九个内置预设来帮助您入门,但它是 VST 的强大功能,可以以几乎无限多种方式重新排列。 完美的延迟寻找

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macOS 10.9 及更高版本


Delay 44
Sometimes, one delay is not enough. That’s why Platone Studio Delay44 combines two delays with a bunch of customizable features for an in-depth approach to sound design you will only find in the most special plugins.

Create wild sound effects automatically with the EQ Shape feature, adjust stereo wideness with the Autopan option, and browse between multiple types of Ambients to place sounds into different physical environments.

Delay44 comes with nine built-in presets to get you started, but it’s a powerhouse of a VST That can be rearranged in a virtually infinite number of ways. The perfect delay for finding
new sonic ideas.

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System Requirements
macOS 10.9 and above