13/01/2024 | WAV, MIDI, Serum | 1423 MB

制作人 Ben Bromley 以 40 个新的薄纱 Serum 预设为中心,通过歌曲起始器、吉他、贝斯、鼓、打击乐、人声和氛围探索 Dream Pop 和 Shoegaze 的各种色彩。

Dream Pop 和 Shoegaze 的根源可以追溯到 20 世纪 60 年代和 70 年代的质感迷幻音乐,激发了 80 年代 Cocteau Twins、the Cure 和 New Order 等艺术家的空灵声音。 到了 90 年代初,像 My Bloody Valentine、A.R. 这样的踏板式声音探索者就出现了。 Kane 和 Slowdive 通过轻薄的扭曲混响和更深的音调弯曲进一步转动了表盘。 在千禧年之际,这些催眠般的声音影响了新一代艺术家,如 Beach House、Boards of Canada、Broadcast、M83 和 XX,他们将这些风格带到了新的地方,融合了 R&B、舞蹈和环境流派的元素 。

Splice Originals:Dreamgaze 试图在这些不同的风格中追踪一条线,用颜色(新旧)来激励您绘制自己的声音世界。 Splice 制作人 Ben Bromley 使用电吉他、原声吉他和贝斯的组合来创建该包的基础。 然后,他重新处理了经典节奏盒 Emu Drumulator、Linn LM-1 和 Roland 707 中的声音,并在洛杉矶标志性的 Sound Factory 工作室录制了一套老式鼓组,制作了一套伴奏鼓和顶部循环,以及额外的原声打击乐 。 他还主要使用来自 Yamaha PS-20(Beach House 广泛使用的模拟风琴)、Roland Taurus Bass 以及各种 VHS、磁带和环境噪声样本的波表制作带有 MIDI 和音频循环的血清预设。

每个歌曲起始循环都经过处理,以捕捉这些时代的梦幻般的感觉,以快速获得灵感。 每个作品的各个元素都更加干净,以便您根据需要重新排列和重新处理。 您还可以找到一系列单发和声、鼓和打击乐样本来完善该集合。

261 循环
40 种血清预设


Centered around 40 new gauzy Serum presets, producer Ben Bromley explores the varied colors of Dream Pop and Shoegaze with songstarters, guitar, bass, drums, percussion, vocals, and ambience.

The roots of Dream Pop and Shoegaze trace back to the textural psychedelia of the 1960s and ’70s, inspiring the ethereal sounds of artists like the Cocteau Twins, the Cure, and New Order in the ’80s. By the early ’90s, pedal-gazing sonic explorers like My Bloody Valentine, A.R. Kane, and Slowdive turned the dial further with gauzy distorted reverbs and deeper tone bending. At the turn of the millennium, these hypnagogic sounds influenced a new generation of artists like Beach House, Boards of Canada, Broadcast, M83, and the XX, who carried these styles forward to new places fusing elements of R&B, dance, and ambient genres.

Splice Originals: Dreamgaze seeks to trace a line through these various styles with colors—both old and new—to inspire you to paint your own sonic worlds. Splice producer Ben Bromley used a mix of electric guitars, acoustic guitars, and bass to create the base of this pack. He then reprocessed sounds from classic rhythm boxes Emu Drumulator, Linn LM-1, and Roland 707 and recorded a vintage drum kit at the iconic Sound Factory studio in Los Angeles, to craft a set of accompanying drums and top loops, with additional acoustic percussion. He also crafted Serum Presets with MIDI and Audio Loops primarily using wavetables taken from a Yamaha PS-20 (the analog organ used extensively by Beach House), a Roland Taurus Bass, as well as various VHS, Tape, and Ambient Noise samples.

Each songstarter loop is processed to capture the dreamlike feeling of these eras for quick inspiration. The individual elements of each composition are left a bit more clean for you to rearrange and reprocess as you like. You’ll also find a collection of one-shot harmonic, drum, and percussive samples to round out the set.

261 loops
100 one shots
40 Serum presets