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Ebony 1.5 包括对 20 世纪 60 年代至 70 年代由受人尊敬的德国和荷兰专业音频公司构建的几种不同调音台和处理器的精确模拟。 作为额外的好处,它还包括 60 年代真实的、维护完美的板式混响。

Ebony EQ 由 3 个不同的均衡器模型组成,分为 2 个可选模块(HF/HMF 和 LMF/LF)。 这样可以通过从可用的 EQ 仿真中进行选择来轻松调节不同的组合。

Ebony Reverb:20 世纪 60 年代初期的盘魔法。
Ebony Reverb 再现了 Wilhelm Franz 于 1957 年设计的第一个板式混响单元的经典声音。 我们的插件提供的深沉、丰富的混响广泛应用于流行音乐,为大型回声室提供了无限更方便的替代方案 – 而且听起来同样好!

Ebony 插件中包含的前置放大器基于 6 个广受欢迎的硬件单元的集合,并精确模拟其相应电路的相位、频率响应和谐波失真。

库已完全解密、解压缩、删除了与 DRM 相关的膨胀,并构建为干净的库。


Windows 10 21H2 64 位操作系统或更高版本


Ebony 1.5 includes accurate emulations of several different mixing consoles and processors built between the 1960s and the 70s by respected German and Dutch pro audio companies. As an added bonus, it includes a real, perfectly-maintained plate reverb from the 60s.

Ebony EQ
Ebony EQ consists of 3 different equalizer models organized in 2 selectable modules (HF/HMF and LMF/LF). This makes it easy to dial in different combinations by choosing from the available EQ emulations.

Ebony Reverb: Plate Magic from the Early 1960s.
Ebony Reverb recreates the classic sound of the first plate reverberation unit designed in 1957 by Wilhelm Franz. Widely used in pop music, the deep, lush reverb offered by our plugin provides an infinitely more convenient alternative to large echo rooms — and it sounds just as good!

Ebony Preamp
The preamplifiers included in the Ebony plugin are based on a collection of 6 sought-after hardware units, and precisely emulate the phase, frequency response and harmonic distortion of their corresponding circuits.

Claretta says,
Library is completely decrypted, decompressed, DRM related bloat removed, and built to the clean one.

Whats new in this version
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System Requirements
Windows 10 21H2 64-bits operating system or higher