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不同类型的不同怪物:Gorilla 插件包括 3 个前置放大器和 3 个录音室标准低音放大器的模拟。

绿色按钮是最通用的,可以发出干净、温暖的声音,而驱动按钮则发出扭曲而肥厚的电子管声音。 灵感来自著名的 Aguilar 硬件。
Yellow 提供基于传奇 Super Bassman 全电子管放大器的广泛声音,是现代摇滚声音的最佳选择。
橙色模块正是您在 Heritage 系列的经典 Ampeg 声音中所寻找的。 强劲的低音和强劲的中音将巩固您的混音。

Gorilla 具有 3 路分配器,可让您完全控制最终的声音。 每个部分都配有压缩机和饱和器。 这些可以根据您的口味混合。
想在没有吉他手的情况下与乐队一起摇滚吗? 没问题! 输入部分的内置八度器将您的低音变成音响机器墙。


Different monsters for different genres: the Gorilla plugin includes 3 preamps and the simulation of 3 studio standard bass amps.

The green one is the most versatile and can deliver a clean, warm sound, while the drive button delivers a distorted and fat tube sound. Inspired by the famous Aguilar hardware.
Yellow offers a wide range of sounds based on the legendary Super Bassman all-tube amp and is the best choice for modern rock sounds.
The orange module is what you’re looking for in the classic Ampeg sound of the Heritage series. Powerful bass with punchy mids will solidify your mix.

The Gorilla features a 3-way splitter that gives you full control over your final sound. Each section is equipped with a compressor and a saturator. These can be mixed to your taste.
Want to rock out with your band without a guitarist? No problem! The built-in octaver in the input section turns your bass into a wall of sound machine.

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