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Vocal Reverb 是世界上第一个人声专用混响插件,具有强大的 AI Assist 技术、自动均衡器、三种混响算法、十种前置/后置效果和两种延迟类型。

Vocal Reverb 专为专业人声制作而设计,非常适合为您的人声录音添加氛围、深度和情感影响。 结合下一代技术和易于使用的控件,您将立即听到差异。

Vocal Reverb 由人工智能 (AI) 提供支持,可以帮助您调出完美的声音。 只需告诉 Vocal Reverb 您想要的氛围,我们突破性的 AI 将提供精心制作的混响声音,非常适合您的混音。

利用我们专有的 Auto-Tune 音高跟踪技术,Auto-EQ 可以监控人声的基本音高并动态衰减频率,以防止出现浑浊和压倒性的混响尾音。 让您的声音完美融入混音从未如此快捷。

Vocal Reverb 包括三种流行的混响风格(Hall、Plate 和 Room),作为制作完美混响声音的基础。 这些风格提供了多功能性,可以实现各种氛围,从黑暗而喜怒无常的大厅到紧凑、私密的房间,以及光滑、复古的盘子。

探索五种动词前效果(音高、喉音、电子管、嘶声消除器、反向)以及 5 种动词后效果(音色塑造器、压缩器、门限、自动均衡器、宽度)。 这些多功能工具允许您雕刻和转换您的自定义混响声音。


探索来自 Bainz、Ian Kirkpatrick、Mischke、Dyryk 等各种声音风格和氛围的鼓舞人心的艺术家预设。 这些预设将激发您的创造力,让探索新想法变得有趣。



Vocal Reverb is the world’s first vocal-dedicated reverb plug-in to feature powerful AI Assist technology, Auto EQ, three reverb algorithms, ten pre/post-effects, and two delay types.

Introducing Vocal Reverb by Auto-Tune
Designed for professional vocal production, Vocal Reverb is perfect for adding ambiance, depth and emotional impact to your vocal recordings. Combined with next-generation technology and easy-to-use controls, you’ll immediately hear the difference.

AI Reverb Assist
Vocal Reverb is powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) that can help dial in your perfect sound. Simply tell Vocal Reverb the vibe you’re going for and our groundbreaking AI will deliver a uniquely crafted reverb sound that will sit great in your mix.

Exclusive Auto-EQ
Utilizing our proprietary Auto-Tune pitch tracking technology, Auto-EQ monitors the fundamental pitch of your vocals and dynamically attenuates frequencies to prevent muddy and overpowering reverb tails. Getting your vocals to sit perfectly in a mix has never been quicker.

Three Classic Reverb Algorithms
Vocal Reverb includes three popular reverb styles (Hall, Plate and Room) as the foundation for crafting your perfect reverb sound. These styles offer the versatility to achieve a range of vibes, from dark and moody halls to tight, intimate rooms, and smooth, vintage plates.

Get Creative With Over Ten Effects
Discover five Pre-Verb Effects (Pitch, Throat, Tube, De-Esser, Reverse), alongside 5 Post-Verb Effects (Tone Shaper, Compressor, Gate, Auto-EQ, Width). These versatile tools allow you to sculpt and transform your custom reverb sound.

Let’s Add Some Delay
For those moments when you want to get truly creative and push your vocals to new heights, we’ve included two Delay types (Mono and Stereo Ping Pong).

Artist Presets From Industry Leaders
Discover inspiring artist presets spanning a wide spectrum of vocal styles and vibes from Bainz, Ian Kirkpatrick, Mischke, Dyryk and more. These presets will jumpstart your creativity and make it fun to explore new ideas.

Key Features
AI Assist
Three Reverb Algorithms
Ten Pre/Post-Effects
Two Delay Types
New Artist Presets