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Sonoris 并行均衡器是适用于 Windows 和 Mac 的 VST、VST3、AU 和 AAX 格式的最小相位参数均衡器。 该插件适用于混音,尤其是母带制作。 每个频段都有固定的滤波器类型,频段 2 至 6 并联。 滤波器以反馈/前馈方式构建,以提供剪切和增强,就像模拟图形均衡器一样。 频段 3 至 5 是恒定 Q 铃声,频段 2 和频段 6 是架子。 频段 1 和频段 7 为低/高切并与其余频段串联。

主要特点是这个均衡器更加微妙,需要更多的工作才能正确设置,因为频段之间存在一些交互。 在普通串联均衡器中,两个频段的增益只是相加,但在并联均衡器中则不然。

滤波器以及未处理的信号彼此平行,这使得如果您有一个低搁置升压器并打开低频振铃升压器,它就不会做更多的事情。 你不能轻易把事情做得太过分,但必须更加努力才能把事情做好。 此外,信号路径更干净,因为滤波器都在同一输入上工作。 滤波器的正确增益高达奈奎斯特。

除了在立体声下工作外,并行均衡器还可以在 M(id)、S(ide)、L 或 R 模式下处理音频。

该插件有一个大的图形显示屏,可以准确显示您所获得的内容。 拖动右下角可以根据您的喜好更改插件的大小。

具有并联连接频段的 7 频段参数最小相位均衡器
低通和高通滤波器高达 24 dB/倍频程
恒定 Q 铃、搁架、低切和高切滤波器
立体声、L、R 或 MS 处理
Soft Engage 技术可防止开关噪音
双精度内部分辨率以及与兼容 DAW 的接口
Windows 32/64 位 VST、VST3 和 AAX 版本
Mac OS 64 位 Intel / Apple Silicon VST、VST3、AU 和 AAX 版本
用于离线计算机的基于 USB 驱动器的许可证激活


The Sonoris Parallel Equalizer is a minimum phase parametric equalizer in VST, VST3, AU and AAX format for Windows and Mac. The plugin is suitable for mixing and especially mastering. It has fixed filter types on each band and band 2 to 6 are connected in parallel. The filters are build in a feedback/feedforward manner to provide cutting and boosting, like in analog graphic equalizers. Band 3 to 5 are constant-Q bells and 2 and 6 are shelves. Band 1 and 7 are low/high cuts and connected in series with the rest.

Parallel filter topology
The main feature is that this eq is a lot more subtle and needs more work to set up right because there is some interaction between the bands. In normal series connected eq’s the gains of two bands just add up but in a parallel eq it doesn’t.

The filters are parallel to each other as well as the unprocessed signal and this makes that if you have for example a low shelve boost and switch on a low freq bell boost too, it just doesn’t do much more. You can’t easily overdo things, but have to work harder to get it right. Also, the signal path is cleaner because the filters al work on the same input. The filters have correct gain up to Nyquist.

Processing modes
Besides working in stereo, the Parallel Equalizer can also process audio in M(id), S(ide), L or R mode.

The plugin has a large graphical display that shows exactly what you get. The size of the plugin can be changed to your liking by dragging the lower right-hand corner.

7 band parametric minimum phase equalizer with parallel connected bands
Feedforward and feedback circuit topology
Lowpass and highpass filters up to 24 dB/octave
Constant Q bells, shelving, low and high cut filters
Stereo, L, R or MS processing
No pre-warping effects, that is, correct response up to Nyquist
Soft Engage technology to prevent switching noise
Mousewheel support
A/B comparison
Large graphical display with dragable handles for maximum control
Spectrum analyser
Three zoom levels
Scalable user interface
High resolution level meter
Full automation possible
Settings can be saved
Double precision internal resolution and interfacing with compatible DAWs
Windows 32/64 bit VST, VST3 and AAX versions
Mac OS 64 bit Intel / Apple Silicon VST, VST3, AU and AAX versions
Installer and uninstaller
Easy Online License Activation
USB drive based license activation for offline computers

Whats New
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