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混合 3 个噪声和纹理层,通过调制和效果进行自定义
优化的工作流程,包含 400 多个按类型组织的预设

Whoosh FX 由声音设计师创建并为声音设计师创建,是一款易于掌握但功能强大的工具,可生成各种形式的运动、风和嗖嗖类效果。 设置持续时间,自定义 3 个离散层,深度选择噪声和纹理声音,类别包括空气、电力、火金属、管弦乐、水、风等,选择包络预设或用鼠标绘制它们,添加运动、多普勒效果 ,使用变形元音滤波器改变您的声音,并添加录音室级效果,包括卷积器、数字均衡器、延迟、红外混响、限制器等。 Whoosh FX 提供了丰富的功能集,包含在清晰直观的界面中,可以轻松产生从动态图形、电视和电影的同步音效到用于音乐和环境应用的丰富、移动声床的一切。


Create rich and dynamic cinematic sound effects for ads, films, games, music and more
Blend 3 noise and texture layers, customize with modulation and effects
Optimized workflow with 400+ presets organized by type

Created by and for sound designers, Whoosh FX is an easy-to-master yet powerful tool for generating all manner of movement, wind and whoosh-type effects. Set duration, customize 3 discrete layers with a deep selection of noises and textural sounds with categories including air, electrical, fire metal, orchestral, water, wind and more, choose envelope presets or draw them in with your mouse, add movement, doppler effects, transform your sound with a morphing vowel filter, and add studio-grade effects including convolver, digital EQ, delay, IR reverb, limiter and more. Whoosh FX offers a deep feature set packed in a clear and intuitive interface, easily yielding everything from synchronized sound effects for motion graphics, television and films to rich, moving soundbeds for musical and environmental applications.