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80 年代的经典日本模拟
超过 160 个预设提供可随时演奏的贝斯、主音、打击垫等

UVX-3P 的灵感来自于 1983 年推出的经典 6 声部日本合成器。该合成器的控制面板相当稀疏,标志着行业向不太复杂的预设播放器的转变,旨在将著名的日本模拟声音交到半专业人士和专业人士手中。 经常买不起或被更昂贵的“控制密集”模型吓倒的爱好者。

由于其较为保守的外观,这种合成器在技术上并不逊色,因此经常被忽视。 它提供了许多与其更昂贵的兄弟产品相同的组件、突破性的编程器,甚至还拥有双 DCO,使其在某种程度上成为了一个卧铺强者。 这款合成器的声音比它的“宇宙”兄弟更黑暗、更前卫,被许多著名的流行乐队(如 Stevie Nicks、Vince Clark 和 The Cure)以及电子乐先驱(如 Orbital 和 The Future Sound of London)所使用。


Authentic analog sounds with vintage Japanese soul
Over 160 presets provide ready-to-play basses, leads, pads and more
Use presets as starting points for your own patch design

UVX-3P takes inspiration from a classic 6-voice Japanese synth introduced in 1983. With a rather sparse control panel this synth signaled an industry shift towards less complicated preset players aimed at getting the famous Japanese analog sound into the hands of semi-pros and hobbyists who often couldn’t afford or were intimidated by the more expensive ‘control dense’ models.

Often overlooked due to its more conservative appearance this synth was in no way technically inferior. It offered many of the same components as its more expensive siblings, a break-out programmer, and even boasted dual DCOs making it somewhat of a sleeper powerhouse. With a darker and edgier sound than its ‘cosmic’ brethren, this synth was put to use by many well known pop acts such as Stevie Nicks, Vince Clark and The Cure, and electronica pioneers such as Orbital and The Future Sound of London.