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受到 80 年代模拟/数字混合合成器和音序器的启发

Program 24 为您带来 80 年代 Italo Disco 的纯净声音,其灵感源自两款几乎失传的狂野合成器:Solton Programmer 24 和 SM100。 Programmer 24 是一款于 1985 年发布的不起眼的 3 八度键盘,它包含制作完整编曲所需的一切,以及完美支持乐队的实时演奏功能。 它配备了完整的 8 位 PCM 鼓部分、模拟低音和带模拟滤波器的主音琶音、小提琴、大提琴和 3 个长笛声部(8’、4’、2’)、特色编曲器、和弦和模式音序器。 最重要的是,它有 8 个鼓声部和贝斯的独立输出、完整的 MIDI 和用于存储的磁带接口。

真正引起我们注意的是这只小野兽的声音。 开箱即用,听起来不错,充满了我们喜欢的 80 年代角色。 鼓声干净有力,低音和琶音充满复古放克气息,所有声音共同创造出完整而真正的经典声音。

SM100 是另一款很酷的模拟合成器,具有 DCO 和惊人的合唱/合奏效果。 我们对每种声音进行了多重采样,让您能够像真实的声音一样体验合唱效果。 总而言之,这两台出色的机器提供了大量的风味和美妙的声音,为新一代奠定了基础。


Inspired by an ’80s analog/digital hybrid synth and sequencer
Instantly create grooves with drums, bass, strings and more
Tons of presets covering vintage and modern electronic styles

Program 24 brings you the pure sound of ’80s Italo Disco inspired by two wild synths nearly lost to time, the Solton Programmer 24 and SM100. The Programmer 24 is an unassuming 3-octave keyboard released in 1985, it contained everything necessary to produce complete arrangements, and real time performance features perfect for backing up the band. It sported a full 8-bit PCM drum section, analog bass and lead arpeggio with analog filters, violin, cello, and 3 flute voices (8′, 4′, 2′), a featured arranger, chord and pattern sequencers. To top it off, it had individual outputs for 8 drum parts and bass, full MIDI, and a tape interface for storage.

What really caught our attention with this little beast was the sound. Right out of the box it just sounds good, packed with an ’80s character we simply adore. The drums are clean and punchy, the bass and arpeggio pack vintage funk, and all the voices work together to create a full and truly classic sound.

The SM100 is another cool analog synth, with DCOs and a phenomenal chorus/ensemble effect. We multisampled every sound allowing you to engage the chorus effect just like you would on the real thing. All-in-all these two fantastic machines deliver tons of flavor and great sounding voices ready to lay down the groove for a new generation.