Team DECiBEL | 14 Jan 2024 | 637.9MB

体验 Concert Grand Model D 的存在和力量

坐下来欣赏巴黎 Guillaume Tell 摄影棚中精彩的 Grand Model D 音乐会。 深度多重采样、精确母带处理和高级脚本编写为您提供真实事物的所有温暖、表现力和细节。

每个音符都在带有或不带有延音的多个力度级别上进行了仔细的多重采样。 然后,这些样本经过精心准备,并使用 UVI 引擎中的高级键组层和规则切换进行编写,从而使延音踏板和释放样本能够以自然的方式清晰表达。 在此过程中,我们咨询了音乐会钢琴家,并利用他们的反馈来调整算法,以创造最令人愉悦的感觉和自然的演奏性。



Experience the presence and power of a Concert Grand Model D
Captured in one of the finest studios in the world
Deep tone shaping tools and pro-grade effects

Sit down at a beautiful Concert Grand Model D captured in the brilliant Guillaume Tell sound stage in Paris. Deep multi-sampling, precision mastering and advanced scripting provide you with all the warmth, expressiveness and detail of the real thing.

Each note was carefully multi-sampled at a number of velocity levels with and without sustain. These samples were then carefully prepared and scripted with advanced keygroup layers and rule switching in the UVI Engine, allowing the sustain pedal and release samples to articulate in a natural way. During this process we consulted with concert pianists and used their feedback to tune the algorithms to create the most enjoyable feel and natural playability possible.

The result is a finely tempered software piano with an effortless beauty and the sound of a real concert grand.