Team DECiBEL | 14 Jan 2024 | 4.07GB

包含 60 多种高质量仪器的综合套件
占用空间极轻(整个管弦乐队位于 4.62 GB 包中)

Orchestral Suite 让您可以通过一个方便且经济实惠的套餐使用 60 多种古典乐器。 完全控制您自己的管弦乐队,包括弦乐、铜管乐器、木管乐器、打击乐器、完整的合唱团以及许多补充乐器,例如美丽的大教堂管风琴、羽管键琴、钢片琴、古典吉他和竖琴。 从合奏或独奏乐器中进行选择,选择不同的演奏风格,并通过每个乐器的控制进一步调整您的组曲,以实现逼真且富有表现力的表演。 Orchestral Suite 中的每一个声音都经过精心录制和编辑,以确保深刻的自然真实感和可演奏性。


Comprehensive suite of over 60 high-quality instruments
Instrument-specific controls, key switching, and intuitive interface
Extremely light footprint (entire orchestra in a 4.62 GB package)

Orchestral Suite gives you access to over 60 classical instruments in a single convenient and affordable package. Take complete control of your own orchestra including strings, brass, woodwinds, percussion instruments, a full choir, and many complementary instruments such as a beautiful cathedral organ, harpsichord, celesta, classical guitar and harp. Select from ensembles or solo instruments, choose different playing styles, and further tune your suite with per-instrument controls for realistic and expressive performances. Every sound in Orchestral Suite was meticulously recorded and edited to ensure a deep sense of natural realism and playability.