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重温 90 年代的数字特立独行者
3 种乐器套件提供老式数字合成器的真实声音
超过 500 个补丁将硬件推向极限

80 年代末和 90 年代初是技术发生巨大变革的时期,迎来了数字时代并带来了令人兴奋的新可能性。 多年来,世界各地出现了大量数字合成器,彻底改变了键盘功能的概念。 这些机器配备了新的和创新的合成技术,将永远改变我们的声音景观,并为我们今天使用的现代软件乐器和效果器奠定基础。 Digital Synsations Volume 2 是我们重温并保留这些革命性成果的旅程的下一步,探索 90 年代 3 种数字合成器的功能和独特特征。


3-instrument suite delivers authentic sounds of vintage digital synths
Over 500 patches push the hardware to their limits
Intuitive interfaces and modern controls allow exploration of new sonic territory

The late ’80s and early ’90s was a time of great technological change, ushering in the digital-era and bringing with it exciting new possibilities. Over the years a legion of digital synthesizers appeared from all across the world, reforming the very idea of what a keyboard could do. Equipped with new and innovative synthesis techniques, these machines would forever change our sonic landscape and lay the groundwork for the modern software instruments and effects that we use today. Digital Synsations Volume 2 is the next step in our journey to revisit and preserve these revolutionaries, exploring the capabilities and unique character of 3 digital synths from the ’90s.