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单个乐器中包含 62 个弦乐合成器
从 842 种硬件声音中进行选择,将机器分层在一起以创建您自己的混合声音

来自全球各地 60 多个跨越 50 多年设计创新的弦乐合成器经过精心收集、修复和记录,打造出了一款非凡的乐器:String Machines 2。经过多年的努力,String Machines 2 在原版的基础上进行了极大的扩展,包括许多 该系列独有的罕见声音和机器以及完全更新的架构和界面。 现在,您可以使用老式弦乐合成器的温暖模拟音调创建令人惊叹的琴键、打击垫、铜管、贝斯、人声、钢琴声音等。 355 个手工制作的预设旨在帮助您入门,建立在 46,000 个样本的基础上,而多功能双层架构可让您轻松地将多台机器的声音组合在一起,以创造具有创意自由的新混合体。


62 string synthesizers in a single instrument
Choose from 842 hardware sounds, layering machines together to create your own hybrids
Powerful modulation and built-in effects

Over 60 string synthesizers spanning 50+ years of design innovation from around the globe have been carefully collected, restored and recorded to create one remarkable instrument: String Machines 2. A multi-year effort, String Machines 2 greatly expands on the original, including many rare sounds and machines exclusive to this collection as well as a completely updated architecture and interface. Now you can create stunning keys, pads, brass, bass, voices, piano sounds and more with the warm analog tones of vintage string synths. 355 hand-crafted presets have been designed to get you started, built on a foundation of 46,000 samples, while a versatile dual-layer architecture lets you easily combine the sounds of multiple machines together to create new hybrids with creative freedom.