Team ARCADiA | KONTAKT | 6.74 GB

ARCTICA 是一款令人惊叹的乐器,具有各种类型的合成器和打击垫声音。 您可以创建锐利而史诗般的复音合成器、打击垫,以及寒冷、环境和梦幻的氛围和无人机。 ARCTICA 基于与我们之前的版本 DEEP BLUE 相同的架构,但具有一些额外的功能。

使用 ARCTICA,您可以通过分别控制低音(A 层)和打击垫(B 层)轻松构建音乐作品的和声结构。 该乐器被映射为具有两个不同层的分离键盘:A-Bass 和 B-Synth(打击垫、无人机或其他)。

您还可以使用简单但功能强大的选项来调整每个层的声音。 例如,您可以实时调整每层的低/高通滤波器和滑行,并在界面上看到变化。 ARCTICA 为您提供了灵活性和创造力,可以通过合成器和打击垫声音创作出令人惊叹的音乐。


7.6 GB 解压大小
48000 kHz,24 位质量
55 个打击垫/合成器预设
35 个纹理预设
35 个预先录制的鼓舞人心的循环
20 个海市蜃楼预设​
需要 Full Kontakt 6.6.1 或更高版本。 不支持免费的 Kontakt 播放器!
需要 8 GB 或更多 RAM 以及至少 8 GB 磁盘空间


ARCTICA is a stunning instrument that features various types of synth and pad sounds. You can create sharp and epic polysynths, pads, as well as cold, ambient and dreamy atmospheres and drones. ARCTICA is based on the same architecture as our previous release, DEEP BLUE, but with some extra features.

With ARCTICA, you can easily build the harmonic structure of your musical piece by controlling the bass (layer A) and the pad (layer B) separately. The instrument is mapped as a split keyboard with two different layers: A-Bass and B-Synth (pad, drone, or else).

You can also tweak the sound of each layer with simple but powerful options. For example, you can adjust the lo/hi pass filter and the glide for each layer in real time, and see the changes on the interface. ARCTICA gives you the flexibility and creativity to produce amazing music with synth and pad sounds.


7.6 GB Unzipped size
48000 khz, 24-bit quality
55 pad/synth presets
35 texture presets
35 prerecorded inspiring loops
20 mirage presets​
Requires Full Kontakt 6.6.1 or higher. Free Kontakt Player is not supported!
Requires 8gb of RAM or more and a minimum of 8 gb disk space