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两种乐器、MIDI 和混音预设。 灵魂的整个范围,体现在 EZkeys 2 的一个 EKX 中。

尽管潮流、时尚和突发奇想都在灵魂音乐历史的蜿蜒道路上来来往往,但无论你停下来,你都能听到一种乐器。 这只变色龙集结了从咆哮、沙砾和咬合到丰富、柔软和光滑的全部范围,今天与几十年前首次推出时一样重要。 我们当然谈论的是明确无误、标志性且永恒的 Rhodes* 电钢琴。

为了捕捉这种乐器标志性遗产的精髓,这款 EKX for EZkeys 2 包括两架来自不同时代的钢琴 – 两者都是从精心修复和策划的收藏中精心挑选的。 结合起来,您将拥有两种完全不同的乐器,涵盖了整个音调的宽度——从怀旧的旧世界魅力和充满放克的 70 年代,到现代丰富的新灵魂乐和节拍驱动时代。

除了声音之外,还包括广泛的混音预设以及一系列 MIDI 覆盖歌曲基础,其灵感来自 60 年代至今的灵魂乐。

如果您认真对待您的灵魂歌曲,并希望通过散发个性和真实性的 EKX 来扩展您的 EZkeys 2,那么这就是您的最佳选择。 需要一个声音、预设和 MIDI 的集合,将当下与怀旧无缝地融合在一起,甚至可以完美地超出灵魂的范围吗? 就是这个。

准备好踏上灵魂之路了吗? 我们走吧。

2023 年在 Toontrack Studio 录制,极其注重细节
包括从 60 年代至今受灵魂启发的 MIDI 合集


Two instruments, MIDI and mix-ready presets. The entire scope of soul, embodied in one EKX for EZkeys 2.

Even though trends, fads and whims have all come and gone along the winding road through soul music history, there is one instrument you can hear at whatever mile marker you stop. Mustering the entire scope from growl, grit and bite down to lush, velvety and smooth, this chameleon is as relevant today as it was when it first launched decades ago. We’re of course talking about the unmistakable, iconic and timeless Rhodes* electric piano.

In order to capture the essence of this instrument’s iconic legacy, this EKX for EZkeys 2 includes two pianos from different eras – both handpicked from a meticulously restored and curated collection. Combined, you’ll have two fundamentally different instruments that cover the entire width of tones – from the nostalgic old-world charm and the funk-infused ’70s through to the lush neo-soul and beat-driven eras of the modern day.

In addition to the sounds, a broad palette of mix-ready presets as well as a collection of MIDI covering song foundations inspired by soul from the ’60s through to today are included.

If you’re serious about your soul songs and looking to expand your EZkeys 2 with an EKX that exudes character and authenticity, this is the one. Need a collection of sounds, presets and MIDI that seamlessly fuse present with nostalgia, perfect for use even well beyond the scope of soul? This is it.

Ready to head down the soul road? Let’s go.

Two classic electric pianos from the 1970s and 1980s
Handpicked from a meticulously restored and curated collection
Recorded at Toontrack Studio in 2023 using extreme attention to detail
Two sound libraries with one set of mix-ready presets each
Includes a collection of MIDI inspired by soul from the ‘60s through to today