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恢复和微调视频和音频项目中的语音。 即使在喧闹或嘈杂的环境中,也能以无与伦比的清晰度创建播客和旁白。


语音分析器和 EQ 匹配



AI 去混响

– Microsoft Windows 11、10、8/8.1、7(仅限 64 位操作系统)
– 需要Microsoft Windows 10或以上版本才能使用AI功能
– Intel Core™ i 系列及以上
– Haswell(第 4 代)处理器:Core i7-4770(仅限 Core 和 Xeon 品牌)以及 AI 功能所需的以上处理器
– AMD Phenom® II 及以上
– AI功能需要AMD A8-7670K及以上、AMD Ryzen 3 1200及以上
– 128 MB VGA VRAM 或更高
– AI 功能:2 GB VGA VRAM 或更高
– 需要 4 GB 内存(建议 8 GB 或以上)
– 需要 1 GB 空间
– 需要Windows兼容的声卡
– 1024 x 768、16 位颜色或以上

– 英语
– 法语
– 德语
– 意大利语
– 西班牙语(欧洲)
– 简体中文
– 中国传统的
– 日本人
– 韩国人


Crystal Clear Speech
Restore and fine-tune speech in your video and audio projects. Create podcasts & voiceovers with unmatched clarity even in loud or noisy environments.

Clean Up Audio
Get rid of noise, hiss, hum, or distortion with precision restoration tools.

Voice Profiler & EQ Match
Create templates from your audio files to replicate on other tracks.

AI Wind Removal
Remove distracting and destructive background noise when shooting outdoors.

Vocal Balance
Detect and adjust the volume of vocals in audio tracks.

AI De-Reverb
Gain complete control of reverb and echo in your recordings.

Release Notes

System Requirements
– Microsoft Windows 11, 10, 8/8.1, 7 (64-bit OS only)
– Microsoft Windows 10 or above is required to use AI features
– Intel Core™ i-series and above
– Haswell (4th generation) processor: Core i7-4770 (only Core and Xeon branded), and above required for AI features
– AMD Phenom® II and above
– AMD A8-7670K and above, AMD Ryzen 3 1200 and above required for AI features
– 128 MB VGA VRAM or higher
– AI Features: 2 GB VGA VRAM or higher
– 4 GB memory required (8 GB or above recommended)
– 1 GB space required
– Windows compatible sound card is required
– 1024 x 768, 16-bit color or above

Supported Languages
– English
– French
– German
– Italian
– Spanish (European)
– Chinese Simplified
– Chinese Traditional
– Japanese
– Korean