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一个像热刀切黄油一样切入您的视频和电影的声音。 一种立即被识别并始终被理解的声音。 言语有力且平衡。 这就是你需要的演讲。 这就是 Voxessor 提供的画外音。

如果您制作电影、播客、YouTube 视频、广告、电子书或有任何其他特殊需要来培养录制的语音,您需要 Voxessor。 它涵盖了处理声音所需的所有过程,并且工作速度令人难以置信。

要正确均衡人声,您必须设置几个点。 需要调整的理想频率及其 Q 值根据扬声器的特性而有所不同。 使用 Voxessor,您可以跳过对这些点的搜索。 只需从最男性化的 EQ 设置扫到最女性化的 EQ 设置,几秒钟之内即可完成设置。

如果最好的 EQ 扫描还不够,您可以将此功能与 Voxessor 的智能匹配结合起来。 按下学习按钮(分析您的声音)几秒钟将检测说话者的声音特征。 然后,“匹配”功能将对其进行均衡,使其听起来尽可能接近理想的声音。

Voxessor 自动修复由扬声器性能引起的音量缺陷,以实现流畅、完美的画外音流程。 当谈论纪录片和电子书等长篇表演时,这一点尤其方便。

Voxessor 的动态部分包含一个单旋钮压缩器和一个单旋钮门。 这些是内部预设的,并针对对话和画外音进行了调整。 但他们的角色也允许您在人声上使用 Voxessor。 而且你可能会取得意想不到的结果。

每个声音都是不同的,每个说话者的齿擦音频率也略有不同。 Voxessor 的嘶嘶声消除器可让您选择正确的频段,以最大效率工作并对原始材料造成最小损坏。


A voice that cuts through your videos and films like a hot knife through butter. A voice that is instantly recognized and always understood. Speech that is strong and well balanced. That is the kind of speech you need. That is the kind of voiceover Voxessor delivers.

Key Features
Perfect voice-over in no time
If you create movies, podcasts, youtube videos, commercials, e-books or have any other special need to cultivate recorded speech, you need Voxessor. It covers all processes needed to treat the voice and works with incredible speed.

Sweep for the ideal character
To EQ human voice properly you have to set up several points. Ideal frequencies to tweak and their Qs differ according to the speaker’s character. With Voxessor you may skip the search for these points. Simply sweep from the manliest to the girliest EQ setting and you are set up within a few seconds.

Intelligent matching
As if the finest EQ sweep was not enough, you may combine this feature with Voxessor’s Intelligent Matching. Engaging the learn button (Analyze your voice) for a few seconds will detect your speaker’s voice character. The Match function will then EQ it to sound as close to the ideal voice as possible.

Automatic volume
Voxessor automatically fixes volume imperfections caused by the speaker’s performance to achieve a smooth and flawless voice-over flow. That comes especially handy when talking about long performances like documentaries and e-books.

Smart dynamics
Voxessor’s dynamic section contains a one-knob compressor and one-knob gate. Those are internally preset and tuned for dialogues and voice-overs. But their characters allow you to use Voxessor on vocals, too. And you may achieve unexpected results.

Tunable deesser
Every voice is different and every speaker has sibilants on a slightly different frequency. Voxessor’s de-esser lets you chose the right frequency band to work with maximum efficiency and to cause minimum damage to the original material.