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几个小时的混音和你的鼓循环听起来仍然像是……你不满意的东西? 不要再浪费那个时间了。 如果你想要的是坚实、有力、自豪和有力的声音,那就走捷径吧。 Urban Puncher 会在一秒钟之内将其交付。 节省您的时间和耳朵来混合其他元素。 Urban Puncher 解决了鼓的问题。

Urban Puncher 是一种为打击乐材料(鼓、打击乐器)提供“冲击力”的效果。 旨在用于鼓循环,但可以立即用于任何您可以称之为鼓击的东西。 您的循环将立即走出阴影。 Urban Puncher 立即提供更强大、更扎实的感觉。

Urban Puncher 是适合任何城市音乐制作人的权威鼓改进工具。 如果您可以将其放在 EQ 或伴奏之后或之前的鼓通道上,那并不重要。 只需调节您的曲目应获得的冲击力,并将其与原始声音混合,让 Urban Puncher 发挥其魔力。

什么是“拳”? 对此没有一个简单的答案。 冲孔旋钮同时控制多个过程。 它可以被描述为一个深奥的动态过程,具有瞬态处理和频谱整形。

类似模拟的变压器/电子管混合饱和模拟给冲孔带来完全不同的感觉。 轻轻地使用它可以使您的曲目轻松融合,或者将饱和度旋钮一直调到最高以获得真正的街道声音。

您甚至可以使用“销毁”按钮惩罚您的鼓循环。 点击该按钮将使您使用饱和度旋钮拨出的值增加三倍。 这会导致更严重的扭曲。

尽管 UrbanPuncher 的主要目的是用于鼓循环,但这不是您应该停止的地方。 该插件可以为其他乐器(例如原声吉他或钢琴)提供额外的冲击力。 不要害怕尝试。


Hours of mixing and your drumloops still sounds like s… something you are not satisfied with? Don’t waste that time any more. If the solid, strong, proud and punchy sound is what you desire then take a shortcut. Urban Puncher delivers it within a second. Save your time and ears for mixing other elements. The drum issue is solved with Urban Puncher.

Key Features
How it works
Urban Puncher is an effect that gives a “punch” to your percussive material (drums, percussion). Intended for drum loops but works instantly on anything that you can call drum hit. Your loops will step out of the shadows immediately. Urban Puncher delivers a stronger and more solid feel in no time.

How to use it?
Urban Puncher is a definitive drum improving tool for any urban music producer. It doesn’t matter much if you can put it on your drum channel after or before your EQ or comp. Simply dial how strong the punch your tracks get should be and mix it with the original sound and let Urban Puncher do its magic.

What is a “Punch”? There’s not a simple answer to that. The punch knob controls several processes at the same time. It can be described as an esoteric dynamic process with transients treatment and spectral shaping.

Analogue-like transformer/tube blended emulation of saturation gives the punch a completely different feel. Use it gently to make your track blend in easily or dial the Saturation knob all the way up to get the real street sounds.

And you can even punish your drum loops with the Destroy button. Hitting that triples the values you dial with the saturation knob. That results in a heavier form of distortion.

Although the primary UrbanPuncher intention is for drum loops it is not where you should stop. The plugin can give extra punch to other instruments such as acoustic guitar or piano. Don’t be afraid to experiment.