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BLEASS Alpha Synthesizer 是一款虚拟模拟复调立体声合成器,其灵感来自于经典模拟合成器,并通过 BLEASS 自己的音乐和技术方法进行了增强。

Alpha 是一款高度通用的合成器,旨在带来设计和演奏无限声音的新方法,同时激发创造力。

可视化您的声音:凭借其用户友好的视觉过滤器、滑块、LFO 和包络,快速了解如何设计您自己的预设。
CPU 使用率低:无缝加载 BLASS Alpha 的多个实例。
MPE 兼容性可提供更多表现力。
巨大的声音可能性:立体声振荡器、5 种不同的内置效果、多个调制目标、200 多个工厂预设和声音设计模板……


BLEASS Alpha Synthesizer is a virtual analog polyphonic stereo synthesizer inspired by classic analog synths and enhanced by the BLEASS’ very own musical and technical approach.

The Alpha is a highly versatile Synthesizer that aims at bringing new ways of designing and playing an infinite constellation of sounds while sparkling creativity.

SIMPLE & INTUITIVE INTERFACE: follow the direction of the audio signal : design your own synth sounds by tweaking each panel, from left to right.
VISUALISE YOUR SOUND: thanks to its user-friendly visual filters, sliders, LFOs and envelopes, quickly understand how to design your own presets.
LOW CPU USAGE: Load multiple instances of BLEASS Alpha seamlessly.
A UNIQUE MOTION SEQUENCER inspired by modular synthesizers brings a new dimension to your pads, leads and sequences by offering a large amount of rhythmic and expressive modulation possibilities, which can be coupled with the arpeggiator.
MPE COMPATIBILITY for more expressivity.
HUGE SONIC POSSIBILITIES: Stereo oscillators, 5 different built-in effects, multiple modulation targets, 200+ factory presets and templates for sound design…

Whats New
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