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现在采用 SSL 总线模式! 您经常会看到示波器在压缩器之前和之后输出军鼓波形的示例。 您已经在各种学术论文、广告、文章,甚至录音学校课程中看到过它。 看到动态处理对信号产生的影响真是令人惊奇!

不幸的是,正如您所看到的,使用虚拟插件 O-scope 来获取相同的信息并不容易。 它会让你质疑你现在处于哪一年!
aiXdsp 为您带来 Intuition Compressor – 一款能够揭开动态处理神秘面纱的压缩器。 您将拥有清晰直观的视觉显示,随时准确显示您宝贵的音频所发生的情况。

想想看……很难听到压缩机实际上在做什么,对吧? 那么您应该如何调整它以获得正确的设置呢?



Now with SSL Bus Mode! You have often seen an oscilloscope output an example of a snare drum waveform before and after a compressor. You’ve seen it in various academic papers, ads, articles, or even your recording school curriculum. It’s amazing to see what affect dynamics processing is having on your signal!

Unfortunately, as you have also seen, it’s not so easy to use a virtual plugin O-scope to get this same information. It can have you questioning which calendar year you are in!
aiXdsp brings you the Intuition Compressor – A compressor that peels back the layers of mystery surrounding dynamics processing. You will have a clear and intuitive visual display that shows exactly what is happening to your precious audio at all times.

Wait, What Is My Compressor Actually Doing?
Setting a compressor is an art and for a long time even the “pros” needed time to be able to do this.
Think about it… it’s just difficult to hear what the compressor is actually doing, right? So how are you supposed to be able to adjust it to get the right settings?

The long answer: many frustrating years of practice.
And that’s not even a guarantee because there is no “one size fits all” attack or release, so you still need to experiment and figure out what the compressor is doing.