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EZkeys Electronic Pop 呈现出令人惊叹的声音拼凑,特别适合现代电子音乐制作。 它具有超过 200 个单独制作的声音纹理,由来自比利时的 DJ、制作人和作曲家 Timofey Reznikov 设计,并剪辑自 David Guetta、Regi 和 Dimitri Vegas 等人的白金销量专辑。

它涵盖了从基于经典键盘混合的声音到创意设计效果的所有内容,旨在提供绝对必备的工具箱。 该库包含 11 个主要类别的声音,所有类别均具有自己独特的现成预设选择。 期待贝司、主音、电子钢琴和纹理垫的声音调色板,以及您需要的所有典型的和弦刺、拨弦、下降、上升和声带。

准备好为您的现代流行音乐制作提供终极必备的一站式合成器。 欢迎来到您的新创意之旅。


EZkeys Electronic Pop presents an awe-inspiring patchwork of sounds specifically suited for modern electronic music production. It features upwards of 200 individually crafted sonic textures engineered by Timofey Reznikov, DJ, producer and composer from Belgium with cuts on platinum-selling albums by the likes of David Guetta, Regi and Dimitri Vegas.

Covering anything from sounds based on hybrids of classic keyboards to creatively engineered effects, it was designed to offer a toolbox of the absolute go-to essentials. The library includes 11 main categories of sounds which all feature its own unique selection of ready-made presets. Expect a sonic palette of basses, leads, electronic pianos and textured pads as well as all the quintessential chord stabs, plucks, falls, risers and vocal chops you need.

Get ready for the ultimate must-have and one-stop-shop synth for your modern pop productions. Welcome to your new creative getaway.