%title插图%numP2P | 21 February 2024 | 1.9 GB

为热爱低保真嘻哈、爵士乐和 chillwave 的制作人深入研究大量精心制作的构建套件和循环。 该套曲提供了一系列令人心碎的旋律钢琴和电子钢琴、诱人的铃声、柔和舒缓的氛围。 除了这些复杂的旋律和有机的声音之外,该包还包含大量精选的强大、冷酷的嘻哈节奏,包括 one shot。 这些是您想要永远保留的纪念品。 1.84 GB,537 个 Wav 文件 24 位,89 个一次性


Dive into an immense selection of perfectly crafted construction kits and loops for producers with a passion for lo-fi hip hop, jazz, and chillwave. This set offers an array of heart-wrenching melodic pianos and e-pianos, tantalizing bells, soft and soothing vibes. In addition to these sophisticated melodies and organic sounds, the pack includes a large selection of powerful, chilled hip hop grooves, including one shots. These are souvenirs that you’ll want to keep forever. 1.84 GB, 537 Wav-Files 24Bit, 89 One-Shots