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通过一系列富有表现力的电子和二胡表演,丰富的创新声音设计和作曲工具被赋予了生命。 原声大提琴 Legato 音色是在洛杉矶索尼影视工作室传奇的 MGM Scoring 舞台录制的,包括 Cinesamples 的 CineStrings Solo Legato 引擎和 Infinite Bow 功能。 适用于 Kontakt(完整版和播放器)6.7.1 或更高版本的所有者。

蒂娜·郭图书馆提供了对原声大提琴和电大提琴以及中国传统乐器二胡的精致独特和进步的诠释。 将蒂娜超富表现力和实验性的表演风格封装在样本库中是一项通过模糊音乐和声音设计之间的界限而完成的工作——声音设计是她音乐的重要元素。 丰富的创新声音设计和作曲工具库引入了多种探索和创造新鲜声音的新方法,这肯定会将您的作品提升到一个新的水平。 郭蒂娜图书馆包括流行的郭蒂娜原声大提琴连奏。

TinaGuo 库不需要您购买任何额外的示例播放软件,并且已获得许可与 Native Instrument 的免费 Kontakt Player 一起使用。 在此处探索最新版本的 Kontakt。 您只需要 Logic、Cubase、Digital Performer、LIVE、Pro Tools 或 Cakewalk 等音序器,即可启动并运行。

该库反映了蒂娜的声音和乐器演奏方法不断发展的事实,包含大量创造性功能,使演奏者有机会以许多新的不同方式开发新鲜的声音。 这些包括:



内置 Granular Synth FX:通过左右颗粒功能探索遍布立体声领域的和谐丰富且复杂的声音设计

重复音符循环断奏 (RNRRS):一项新功能,可在重复短音符时自动切换到单独的 RR 样本集,从而产生更加自然的大提琴声音和感觉

需要 Kontakt 6.7.1 及更高版本(适用于免费的 Kontakt Player 和付费完整版 Kontakt)

安装期间至少需要 32 GB 可用硬盘空间。 库大小约为。 安装后 15.5 GB
建议至少 4 GB RAM


An expansive arsenal of innovative sound design and composition tools brought to life through a collection of expressive electric and erhu performances. The Acoustic Cello Legato patches, recorded at the legendary MGM Scoring Scoring Stage at Sony Pictures Studios in Los Angeles, includes Cinesamples’ CineStrings Solo Legato engine and Infinite Bow feature. For owners of Kontakt (Full and Player) 6.7.1 or higher.

The Tina Guo library offers an exquisitely unique and progressive take on the Acoustic and Electric Cello, as well as the traditional Chinese instrument, the Erhu. Encapsulating Tina’s ultra-expressive and experimental performance style within a sample library is an undertaking that was accomplished through blurring the lines between music and sound design- a vital element of her music. An expansive arsenal of innovative sound design and composition tools introduce a multitude of new ways to explore and create fresh sounds that will certainly take your productions to the next level. The Tina Guo library includes the popular Tina Guo Acoustic Cello Legato.

The Tina Guo library does not require you to purchase any additional sample playback software, and is licensed to work with the Native Instrument’s free Kontakt Player. Explore the latest version of Kontakt HERE. All you need is a sequencer like Logic, Cubase, Digital Performer, LIVE, Pro Tools, or Cakewalk, and you’ll be up and running.

New Features
Reflecting the fact that Tina’s sound and approach to her instruments are constantly evolving, the library includes a multitude of inventive features that give the player the opportunity to similarly develop fresh sound in many new and different ways. These include:

The Phrase Builder: A system for constructing melodic ideas using fragments of Tina’s performances in a variety of playing styles

Drone Designer: Create variable sonic beds by manipulating intensity and navigating through long samples of unfolding cello drones using the Mod wheel

Built-in Granular Synth FX: Explore harmonically rich and complex sound design spread across the stereo field with left-right grainer functionality

Repeated Note Round Robin Staccatos (RNRRS): A new function that automatically switches to a separate RR sample set upon repeating a short note, resulting in a far more natural cello sound and feel

Requires Kontakt 6.7.1 and above (Works with both the free Kontakt Player and the paid, full version of Kontakt)

Requires a minimum of 32 GB free hard drive space during installation. Library size is approx. 15.5 GB after installation
Minimum 4 GB RAM Recommended