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SampleWiz 2 诞生于传奇键盘手 Jordan Rudess 的想象力和法国音频开发商 BLEASS 卓越的软件工程,是一款独特而强大的 S&S(采样和合成)乐器。 BLEASS SampleWiz 2 将粒度和云采样引擎、MPE 和 iOS/桌面互操作性等现代功能与经典硬件采样器令人满意的快速工作流程相结合。

在 40 多年(且还在继续)的职业生涯中,乔丹·鲁德斯 (Jordan Rudess) 建立了令人敬畏的声誉。 他作为键盘手的精湛技巧为梦剧院、大卫·鲍伊、Liquid Tension Experiment 和罗德·摩根斯坦等乐队的唱片和巡演增光添彩。 Jordan 也被认为是声音设计领域的专家,并与 Korg、Moog 和 IK Multimedia 等合成器制造商合作多年。 似乎这还不够,乔丹是在音乐创作和表演中使用 iOS 的先驱,并在过去十年中开发了许多开创性的音乐应用程序,例如 Geoshred 和 Morphwiz。


Born of the imagination of legendary keyboardist Jordan Rudess and the software engineering excellence of French audio developer BLEASS, SampleWiz 2 is a unique and powerful S&S (sample & synthesis) instrument. BLEASS SampleWiz 2 combines modern features such as granular and cloud sample engines, MPE, and iOS/desktop interoperability, with the satisfying, rapid workflow of classic hardware samplers.

Over a career spanning more than 40 years (and counting), Jordan Rudess has built a formidable reputation. His exquisite skills as a keyboardist have graced the recordings and tours of Dream Theater, David Bowie, Liquid Tension Experiment and Rod Morgenstein to name but a few. Jordan is also recognised as something of a savant in the world of sound design, and has collaborated over many years with synth manufacturers such as Korg, Moog and IK Multimedia. And as if that weren’t enough feathers for one cap, Jordan is a pioneer in the use of iOS in music creation and performance, and has worked on numerous groundbreaking music apps over the last decade, for example Geoshred and Morphwiz.