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BLASS Megalit 将现代插件合成器令人惊叹的深度、力量和音质融入到一种乐器中,演奏起来既令人满意,又易于编程。

凭借波表和经典减法振荡器的融合、灵活的滤波和后处理以及一组广泛的高级调制源,BLEASS Megalit 为声音设计师提供了广阔的音色色调、色调和颜色可供探索。 而且,得益于 BLASS 超直观的界面设计,即使是最不懂技术的音乐家也可以轻松掌握整个声音调色板。

Megalit 包含许多创新,可为您的声音设计提供支持
先进的波表振荡器可以调整波表位置和折迭,为合成器的 135 个波表中的每一个带来近乎无限的变化;
四个 LFO,每个都有自己的时序曲线和输出平滑,可以创建极其复杂的(更不用说原始的)调制模式;
Megalit 的所有参数、设置和控制,无论多么先进,都触手可及,直观的视觉反馈确保您始终准确地了解合成器在做什么。 而且,尽管具有巨大的声波力量,Megalit 在您的系统上仍然非常高效,为您留下足够的空间来运行其他乐器和效果器……或者,更好的是,更多 Megalit 实例!


BLEASS Megalit packs the stunning depth, power and sound quality of modern plugin synthesizers into an instrument that’s as satisfying to play as it is easy to program.

With its blend of wavetable and classic subtractive oscillators, flexible filtering and post-processing, and an extensive set of advanced modulation sources, BLEASS Megalit provides sound designers with a vast palette of timbral tints, shades and colours to explore. And, thanks to BLEASS’ super-intuitive interface design, that entire sonic palette is within easy reach of even the most non-technical of musicians.

Megalit includes many innovations that will empower your sound designs
Advanced wavetable oscillators can adjust both wavetable position and fold, bringing near-infinite variety to each of the synth’s 135 wavetables;
Per-oscillator unison mode allows you to create complex layering that would normally require you to load additional synths into your project;
Noise generator with dedicated high- and low-pass filtering for super-flexible non-tonal sounds and sound components.
Resonant high-pass and low-pass filters that can be applied to individual oscillators or pairs of oscillators, as can the built-in waveshaper and bit-crusher processors;
Four LFOs, each with its own timing curve and output smoothing, that allow for the creation of exceptionally complex – not to mention original – modulation patterns;
Advanced Motion Sequencer for the creation of complex repeating modulation patterns;
Per-patch storage of performance controller response curves ensure a sound will always respond the way you expect it to;
Patch randomising feature always produces useable sounds;
Built-in multi-band upward/downward compressor provides exquisite control over a sound’s dynamics and punchiness.
All of Megalit’s parameters, settings and controls, no matter how advanced, are laid out at your fingertips, with intuitive visual feedback ensuring you always know exactly what the synth is doing. And, despite its huge sonic power, Megalit is super-efficient on your system, leaving you with plenty of headroom for running additional instruments and effects… or, better still, more instances of Megalit!