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Factoid 是一款轻量级音乐插件和独立应用程序,可让您重新混合和随机化任何音频剪辑。 与 Factorsynth 共享相同的机器学习分解引擎,它将任何声音分解为一组层,可以手动重新混合、静音或随机移动时间以重新混合或更改剪辑的时间结构。 即时创建新的鼓模式,将旋律转化为纹理,重新混合和随机化完整的混音,并尝试任何类型的声音!

Factoid 版本 2 是对原始 Max For Live 设备的完整重新实现,作为 VST/AU 插件和独立应用程序。 它包括新功能,例如单独的组件控制和声音导出。

Factoid 如何运作?
基于与 Factorsynth 相同的机器学习分解引擎,Factoid 能够提取原始样本中时间重迭的 2 到 8 个成分。 例如,在鼓循环中,即使军鼓与底鼓在原始剪辑中同时播放,它通常也可以将它们分开。 一旦提取,不同的层就可以在有或没有量化的情况下及时重新混合和移位。

Factoid 和 Factorsynth 之间有什么区别?
Factoid 和 Factorsynth 都基于将声音分解为频谱和时间相似的分量的想法。 然而,Factorsynth 是一个成熟的声音设计工作室,允许交叉合成和组件编辑,而 Factoid 选择了其较大兄弟的一些功能,并专注于通过更简单的界面和更少的 CPU 和内存消耗轻松生成循环的变化。


Factoid is a lightweight music plug-in and standalone application that lets you remix and randomize any audio clip. Sharing the same machine learning decomposition engine than Factorsynth, it decomposes any sound into a set of layers that can be manually remixed, muted or randomly shifted in time to remix or to change the temporal structure of the clip. Create new drum patterns on the fly, turn melodies into textures, remix and randomize full mixes and experiment with any kind of sound!

Factoid version 2 is a complete re-implementation of the original Max For Live device as a VST/AU plug-in and standalone application. It includes new features such as individual component control and sound export.

how does Factoid work?
Based on the same machine learning decomposition engine than Factorsynth, Factoid is able to extract between 2 and 8 components that overlap in time in the original sample. For example, in a drum loop, it can often separate snare from kick even if they play at the same time in the original clip. Once extracted, the different layers can be remixed and displaced in time, with or without quantization.

what are the differences between Factoid and Factorsynth?
Both Factoid and Factorsynth are based on the idea of decomposing sounds into spectrally- and temporally-similar components. However, Factorsynth is a full-fledged sound design studio allowing cross-synthesis and component editing, whereas Factoid selects some of the features of its bigger sibling and focuses on easily generating variations of loops with a much simpler interface and less CPU and memory consumption.