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在大范围内精确调整延迟时间,以获得非常灵活的声音。 延迟、合唱、镶边? 你说出它的名字!

四个多用途调制器可以快速轻松地同时对多个延迟线参数应用不同类型的调制。 这使您可以执行各种操作,从为声音添加微妙的运动到狂野的表现力延迟效果。


西格蒙德绝非又一次延误。 它提供了令人难以置信的声音塑造自由度。

该插件由四个独立的延迟单元组成,每个延迟单元都有一组独立的参数,使您可以自由地塑造声音。 有一句古老的谚语,通常被认为是亚里士多德说的:整体大于部分之和。 对于 Sigmund,尤其如此,因为每条延迟线都具有内置的互补模块(例如滤波器和过载),独立于反馈环路工作。 延迟线本身也可以通过多种方式组合在一起。 Sigmund 的用户界面经过精心设计,尽可能直观。 一切都呈现在银色(或拉丝铝)盘上,干净清晰地布局,可以立即访问每个部分及其参数。


Four independent delay lines
Four beefed-up delay units in one box to expand your sound-shaping capabilities beyond imagination.

High-quality delay line algorithm
Precisely adjust delay times across a wide range for a very flexible sound. Delay, chorus, flanger? You name it!

Multipurpose modulators
Four multipurpose modulators make it quick and easy to apply different types of modulation to several delay line parameters at the same time. This lets you do everything from adding subtle movement to your sound, to wild expressive delay effects.

Flexible signal routing
The four delay lines can easily be arranged in nine different ways, changing the signal flow between them and bringing unique delay sounds to your project

Get under the hood
Sigmund is far from just another delay. It provides an incredible degree of soundshaping freedom.

The plug-in consists of four discrete delay units, each with an independent set of parameters that offer you the freedom to shape your sound. There’s an ancient saying, often attributed to Aristotle: The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. With Sigmund, this is especially true as each of the delay lines has complementary modules such as filter and overdrive built in, working independently from the feedback loop. The delay lines themselves can also be combined together in several ways. Sigmund’s user interface has been designed from the ground up to be as intuitive as possible. Everything is presented as if on a silver (or brushed aluminum) platter, cleanly and clearly laid out with instant access to each section and its parameters.

Whats New
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