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Avid Sibelius 是一款记谱软件,从有抱负的作曲家和词曲作者到教师和学生,任何人都可以快速轻松地开始创作和分享音乐。 对于那些还不熟悉使用符号软件的人来说,直观的界面将引导您完成整个过程。 磁性布局可防止对象相互碰撞,而其他节省时间的工具可让您轻松快速地获得专业结果。

Sibelius 让音乐创作变得简单,让您可以使用计算机、iPad 或 iPhone 随时随地灵活地工作。 无论您喜欢从屏幕乐谱小键盘、MIDI 键盘、计算机键盘还是使用 Apple Pencil 输入音符,Sibelius 都会为您处理所有音符布局、方向和休止符详细信息。

使用多种乐器部件创作从钢琴到管弦乐队的各种音乐。 不仅仅是音符和休止符,您还可以添加和弦符号、吉他谱、吉他和弦图、表达文本、演奏法、歌词、标题、图形等,为您的音乐提供应有的细节、深度和活力。 您甚至可以循环播放来即兴创作。

Sibelius 包含一个高品质样本库,其中包含各种乐器,因此您可以听到真正的音乐家演奏您的音乐时的声音。 您还可以插入第三方声音库,例如 NotePerformer,为您听到的乐器提供更大的灵活性。

编配功能可以轻松地从现有乐器部件中编排其他乐器部件。 只需选择一种编配风格,Sibelius 就会根据您的源自动创建新的声部。 您还可以在不同声部之间“分解”和弦,从而加快多声部乐器演奏的速度。 或者单击一下即可将多个部分合并为一个部分。

只需单击一下,您就可以将 MIDI、MusicXML 或 Sibelius 文件导入到新的或现有的乐谱中。 所有记谱、乐器、技巧和发音都会自动分配,保留作曲家的意图,并为您节省数小时(如果不是数天)的清理时间。 您甚至可以将多个乐谱组合在一起,并控制导入的内容。

Sibelius 消除了调整乐器、移调声部和添加连线的手动工作,因此您可以更快地工作。 当您的乐谱准备就绪时,审阅模式可让您锁定内容,使协作者能够自由查看您的乐谱并添加评论和注释,而不必担心意外更改任何内容。


Avid Sibelius is notation software that is a fast and easy way for anyone to start writing and sharing music, from the aspiring composer and songwriter, to teachers and students. For those not yet comfortable with using notation software, the intuitive interface guides you through the process. Magnetic Layout, which keeps objects from bumping into each other, and additional time-saving tools make it easy to get professional results fast.

Write music with ease
Sibelius makes music composition easy, giving you the flexibility to work anywhere using your computer, iPad, or iPhone. Whether you prefer to enter notes from the onscreen notation Keypad, a MIDI keyboard, your computer keyboard, or using an Apple Pencil, Sibelius takes care of all note layout, orientation, and rest details for you.

Build up compositions
Create music for everything from piano to orchestra, with multiple instrument parts. And not just with notes and rests—you can add chord symbols, guitar tab, guitar chord diagrams, expression text, articulations, lyrics, titles, graphics, and more to give your music the detail, depth, and dynamism it deserves. You can even loop playback to improvise ideas.

Hear your music in stunning detail
Sibelius includes a high-quality sample library filled with a variety of musical instrumentation, so you can hear what your music will sound like when performed by real musicians. You can also plug in third-party sound libraries, such as NotePerformer, giving you more flexibility with the instrumentation you hear.

Arrange parts fast
The Arrange feature makes it easy to orchestrate additional instrument parts from existing ones. Simply select an orchestration style and Sibelius automatically creates new parts based on your sources. You can also “explode” chords across different parts, speeding up multipart instrumentation. Or consolidate multiple parts into one with a click.

Get Intelligent Import
With a single click, you can import a MIDI, MusicXML, or Sibelius file into a new or existing score. All notation, instrumentation, techniques, and articulations are automatically assigned, preserving the composer’s intent and saving you hours—if not days—of clean-up time. You can even combine several scores together, with control over what’s imported.

Perfect and review scores
Sibelius takes the manual effort out of adapting instrumentation, transposing parts, and adding slurs, so you can work faster. And when your score is ready, Review mode lets you lock things down, enabling collaborators to freely view your score and add comments and annotations without fear of accidentally changing anything.