ohsie | 30 March 2024 | 2.90 GB

EPIC PERCUSSION 3 – 是一款全新的电影打击乐器。
Epic Percussion 3 包括 3 个鼓组和 17 个独奏打击乐器。

完整的声音控制、新的“Epicness 旋钮”算法,允许混合额外的样本、3 个麦克风位置和内置效果。
560 个内置节奏循环,可实现节奏部分的最快排列。


EPIC PERCUSSION 3 – 是您制作新配乐所需的一切。


“Epicness 旋钮”算法使该库非常适合经典管弦乐配乐以及现代激进的预告片。只需一个按钮即可将乐器声音从纯原声更改为混合和合成声音。与原始声源混合的样本对于每个音色都是特定的 。

虚拟舞台可以轻松排列混音中使用的乐器。 只需移动一下鼠标,您就可以将通鼓移动到离听众更近的位置,或者将高打击乐器移至舞台的远角。 此外,距离和全景参数可以自动化,这对于预告片音乐创作很有用。 例如,可以通过缩短距离来增强戏剧效果。

内置节奏循环可以更快地勾勒出曲目的节奏部分,而不会分散对主要思想的注意力。 我们知道不要失去灵感并尽快绘制草图是多么重要。


EPIC PERCUSSION 3 – is a brand new cinematic percussion instrument.
Epic Percussion 3 includes 3 drum kits and 17 solo percussion instruments.
A new sound source position control system allows you to move any of the instruments within the stage space.

Complete sound control, a new “Epicness knob” algorithm that allows to mix additional samples, 3 microphone positions and built-in effects.
560 built-in rhythm loops for the fastest arrangement of rhythm sections.

Optimized user interface for intuitive access to all instrument functions.

EPIC PERCUSSION 3 – is all you need for your new soundtrack.

Epicness knob” algorithm makes the library perfect for classic orchestral soundtracks as well as for modern aggressive trailers. Just one button allows you to change instrument sound from pure acoustic to hybrid and synthetic sound. Samples mixing with the original sound source are specific for every patch.

Virtual stage makes it easy to arrange instruments used in the mix. Just one mouse movement allows you to move the toms closer to the listener or remove high percussion to the far corner of the stage. Also, distance and panorama parameters can be automatized, what can be useful for trailer music composing. For example, the drama effect could be strengthen by reducing the distance.

Built-in rhythm loops make it faster to outline the rhythm section of your tracks without being distracted from the main idea. We understand how important it is not to lose inspiration and make sketch as quickly as possible.