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Dorico 帮助您编写乐谱,自动生成品质卓越的打印结果 – 并以令人惊叹的真实感进行回放。 它对任何人来说都很容易学习,而且具有数百种高级符号、功能、选项和声音,甚至可以满足最苛刻的专业人士的需求。

您可以用 Dorico 做什么?
使用 Dorico,作曲、编曲 – 或者只是编写和打印音乐 – 变得更快、更高效。 由于其智能设计,它会在您书写时自动调整符号。 Dorico 包含近 1,500 种声音,可以以非凡的真实感回放编曲,并且无需高级记谱法所需的变通方法,Dorico 比以前更快地产生出色的结果。

凭借其精简、自然的用户界面,学生和那些缺乏配乐经验的人可以直接在 Dorico 中作曲和编曲,从而使学习乐谱语言变得更快、更直观。 编辑和进行更改(例如乐器、拍号或调)非常简单,乐谱会立即正确地适应它们,从而强化学习成果。 对于教师来说,制作混合音乐和文本的教材和讲义非常容易,而且为乐队、管弦乐队或其他学校乐团调整编曲从未如此快捷。

Dorico 是音乐雕刻、出版和复制的完美工具。 它自动布局平衡和美丽的页面,具有全面的碰撞避免和先进的算法,可以轻松处理几乎任何音乐背景。 用 Dorico 制作的音乐具有最精美的传统雕刻音乐的外观,并且该软件提供调整工具来满足最苛刻的专业人士的要求。 为销售或表演制作高质量、清晰的乐谱从未如此快捷和轻松。


Dorico helps you to write music notation, automatically producing printed results of exceptional quality – and plays it back with breathtaking realism. It is easy enough for anyone to learn, yet has hundreds of advanced notations, features, options and sounds to satisfy even the most demanding professionals.

What you can do with Dorico?
Composing, arranging – or just writing and printing out music – is made much quicker and more efficient with Dorico. Thanks to its intelligent design, it automatically adjusts the notation as you write. With nearly 1,500 sounds included, arrangements can be played back with exceptional realism and, with no workarounds needed for advanced notation, Dorico produces excellent results much more quickly than has been possible before.

With its streamlined, natural user interface, students and those with less experience in scoring can compose and arrange straight into Dorico, making learning the language of music notation much faster and more intuitive. Editing and making changes — such as instrument, time signature or key — are straightforward, with the notation instantly and correctly adapting to include them, reinforcing the learning outcome. For teachers, producing teaching materials and hand-outs that mix music and text is easy, and it’s never been quicker to adapt arrangements for your band, orchestra or other school ensemble.

Dorico is the perfect tool for music engraving, publishing and copying. It automatically lays out pages of balance and beauty, with comprehensive collision avoidance and advanced algorithms that handle almost any musical context with ease. Music made with Dorico has the look of the finest traditionally engraved music, and the software provides tweaking tools to satisfy the most demanding professional. Producing high-quality, crystal-clear scores for selling or performance has never been faster or easier.