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数字世界的清晰度和准确性缺乏一些旧时代的氛围。 这就是为什么英国制作人和混音师 Greg Brimson(也是 United Plugins 的支持艺术家)向我们提出了他关于梦想插件的想法。 “为每个录音创建一个前门,并将其称为 Front DAW,伙计们,”他说,“这样每个轨道都有真正的模拟输入。” 感谢他,您可以将 DAW 混音器变成真正的模拟控制台。

VARM 的每条赛道都不同
不仅仅是 Greg 需要利用我们的可变模拟随机建模技术。 VARM 是一种基于模拟世界的混沌行为和随机性知识的技术。 感谢 VARM,每个插件实例的行为都略有不同。 VARM 对电气部件值的细微差异的随机性进行建模 – 与真实电气单元和真实控制台通道中的情况完全相同。

BR/US/GE 按钮代表您可以选择的三种类型的模拟电路。 BR 代表经典的厚重英国控制台,US 代表传奇的强劲美式输入。 改用 GE 将为您提供天鹅绒般的声音、色彩缤纷的老式德国电子管控制台。

转动 Mojo 旋钮可以让您决定曲目的饱和度。 效果相当微妙和温和,因为 Front DAW 旨在同时在多个轨道上使用。 您不希望您的混合物变脏,是吗?

得益于先进的建模技术,我们使用的 Front DAW 对 CPU 非常友好。 它设计用于您混音的每个轨道(如果需要)。

激活不需要 iLok、加密狗或互联网访问。 我们的软件使用许可证文件来激活您的软件。 只要您是用户,您就可以在您的所有计算机上免费使用所购买的软件。

逼真的 3D 且灵活的 GUI
该插件的逼真图形用户界面让您感觉正在触摸真实的硬件。 但它很容易适应您的需求。 您始终可以拖动右下角的箭头来更改其大小 – 将其缩小以节省宝贵的屏幕空间,或将其放大以使其更易于使用。

任意采样率下的 64 位音频质量
该插件提供您可以获得的最高音频质量。 它使用内部 64 位音频处理,可以处理任何采样率。 192 kHz 甚至更高。



The digital world with its clarity and accuracy lacks some vibe from the old times. This is why English producer and remixer Greg Brimson, also United Plugins powered artist, approached us with his idea for a dream plugin. ‘Create a front door for every recording, and call it Front DAW, guys,’ said he, ‘so that every track would have a true analogue input.’ Thanks to him you can turn your DAW Mixer into a real Analogue Console.

Every Track Different with VARM
It‘s not just Greg who needs to take advantage of our Variable Analogue Random Modeling technology. VARM is technology based on knowledge of chaotic behaviour and randomness of the analogue world. Thanks to VARM, each plugin instance acts slightly different. VARM models randomness of the subtle differences of the values of the electrical parts – exactly as in the real electrical units and the real console channels.

Three Types of Saturation.
BR/US/GE buttons represent three types of analogue circuits you may choose from. BR represents classic fat British consoles, US stands for legendary punchy American style input. Switching to GE will give you velvet sounding colourful vintage German tube console.

The Mojo
Turning the Mojo knob lets you decide the amount of saturation your tracks get. The effect is rather subtle and gentle because Front DAW is intended to be used on many tracks simultaneously. You don‘t want your mix to be dirty, do you?

Saturate Every Track
Thanks to advanced modeling technology we use Front DAW is very CPU-friendly. It is designed to be used on every single track of your mix (if desired).

Hassle-Free Software Protection
No iLok, no dongle nor internet access is required for activation. Our software uses licence files to activate your software. You can freely use the purchased software on all your computers as long as you are the user.

Realistic 3D Yet Flexible GUI
Photorealistic graphic user interface of the plugin gives you the feeling you are touching the real hardware. But it easily adapts to your needs. You can always drag the arrow in the bottom right corner to change its size – make it smaller to save the valuable screen space, or enlarge it to make it easier to use.

64-bit Audio Quality at ANY Sampling Rate
The plugin provides the maximum audio quality you can get. It uses internal 64-bit audio processing and can handle any sampling rate. 192 kHz or even higher.

Smart Bypass
The intelligent way our plugins manage bypassing ensures that you don’t get any click or harmful noises when automating the parameter.