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我们对钢片琴采样的经验是,它们听起来平坦且有节奏。 如果两个钢片琴完美一致地演奏会怎样?

• 音乐厅内的2把钢片琴
• 所有延音均通过释放触发器录制
• 单独的踏板踩下样品组
• 细微变化的踩踏板机械噪音
• 踏板下层有 6 个动态层
• 3 RR 加上脚本循环功能
• 4 四个麦克风位置(close、ms-st、decca 和 Hall)
• 1 个汇总轨道,所有麦克风混合在一起。
• 设计的节奏声音雕刻补丁
• 可调节的定制IR脉冲


音乐厅(Fartein Valen)拥有令人惊叹且亲密的温暖音响效果。

钢片琴是一种古典键盘乐器,以其钟声般的声音而闻名。 当两把钢片琴一起演奏时,产生的音色和泛音变得更加活泼和迷人。 具有多个麦克风位置,让您可以轻松地将其融入您的混音中。

斯塔万格交响乐团慷慨地借给我们两把钢片琴。 一个新的和一个旧的模型。 一位钢琴家将同时演奏它们。 将一只手放在每个乐器上。 你确实听不到有两个钢片琴在发声,但共鸣声音更饱满、更富变化、充满活力、迷人。

在欧洲最好的音响厅之一 Fartein Valen 录制。


从华丽的 XY-pad 环境中调整童话般的音景。

即使是很小的声音也可以在大小和范围上被放大。 从华丽的 XY-pad 环境中调整童话般的音景。 单击[FX]按钮打开菜单。

设置视图可让您根据您的演奏风格调整力度范围。 模拟 RR 按照给定的公式拾取相邻音符,以进行进一步的变化(除了正常的 RR 之外)。

需要 Kontakt v6.7.1+


Our experience with sampled celestas, is that they sound flat and glocky. What if two celestas plays in perfect unison?

• 2 celestas in a concert hall
• All sustains recorded with release triggers
• Separate pedal down sample set
• Subtle varied pedal up mechanical noises
• 6 dynamic layers on pedal down layer
• 3 RR plus scripted round robin function
• 4 Four mic positions (close, ms-st, decca & hall)
• 1 summed track with all mics mixed together.
• Designed arhythmic sound sculpting patches
• Adjustable custom ir impulses

The interface is simple to look at, easy to play, and with advanced options available behind every control

The concert hall (Fartein Valen) has stunning and intimate warm acoustics.

Celesta is a classical keyboard instrument, known for its bell-like sound. When two celestas are played together, the resulting timbre and overtones gets more lively and enchanting. With multiple mic positions allowing you to easily incorporate it into your mixes.

Stavanger Symphony Orchestra generously borrowed us two celestas. A new and an older model. A pianist was set to play them simultaneous in unison. Reaching one hand on each instrument. You really don’t hear that there are two celestas sounding, but the resonance sound fuller and more varied, vibrant and enchanting.

Recorded in one of Europes finest sounding halls, Fartein Valen.


Tweak fairy tale soundscapes from gorgeous XY-pad environments.

Even small sounds can be magnified in size and scope. Tweak fairy tale soundscapes from gorgeous XY-pad environments. Click [FX] button to open menu.

The settings view lets you adjust velocity range according to your playing style. Simulated RR picks up neighboring notes, at a given formula, for further variations (in addition to normal RRs).

Requires Kontakt v6.7.1+