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ESI VA One 是 ESI GROUP 的一款产品,专为振动声学领域的设计和分析而设计。该程序允许您在设计阶段考虑噪声和振动的最佳特性,并保证满足振动声学要求,而无需额外成本 有限元分析 (FEA) 和统计分析 (SEA) 创新性地集成到同一模型中,使用户能够像单独应用 SEA 和 FEA 方法一样成功地解决问题

当然,VA One 还包括 AutoSEA2(一种针对中高频的标准振动分析程序)和 Rayon(一种已证明其在低频区域振动分析方面的有效性的求解器)。 此外,VA One 采用专有技术,保证在一次分析中有限元法 (FEM) 与边界元法 (BEM) 和统计分析方法 (SEA) 清晰交互。 VA One 是唯一在友好环境中涵盖全方位振动声学分析的解决方案


ESI VA One is a product from ESI GROUP designed for design and analysis in the field of vibroacoustics The program allows you to take into account the optimal characteristics of noise and vibration at the design stage and guarantee the fulfillment of vibro-acoustic requirements without additional costs and weight.The innovative integration of finite element analysis (FEA) and statistical analysis (SEA) into the same model allows the user to solve problems as successfully as when separately applying the SEA and FEA methods

VA One includes, of course, AutoSEA2, a standard vibration analysis program for the mid and high frequencies, and Rayon, a solver that has already proven its effectiveness in vibration analysis for the low frequency region. In addition, VA One employs a proprietary technology that guarantees a clear interaction of the finite element method (FEM) with the boundary element method (BEM) and the statistical analysis method (SEA) within a single analysis. VA One is the only solution that covers the full spectrum of vibroacoustic analysis in a friendly environment