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VQP-258A 和 VQP-259A 是 20 世纪 50 年代推出的两款完全无源均衡器。 与那个时代的竞争对手不同,258A 提供了两种范围广泛且直观的控件,能够独立剪切或增强低频和高频频谱,而 259A 滤波器级联则在其广泛的低频和高频剪切设置方面表现出色。


The VQP-258A and VQP-259A are two entirely passive EQs which were introduced in the 1950s. Unlike its competitors from that era, the 258A offers two wide ranging and intuitive controls capable of independently cutting or boosting the low and high frequency spectrum, while the 259A filter cascade excels in its wide range of low and high cut settings.