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BAM – Beat Maker & Music Maker 为您提供将音乐创意变为现实所需的一切。 无论您是想制作节拍还是制作音乐,BAM – Beat Maker & Music Maker 都是初学者和大师的完美选择。 如果您是节拍制作新手,BAM 是学习如何制作节拍和创作音乐的理想方式; 易于使用的界面意味着您可以在几分钟内成为节拍制作者!

BAM 配备了各种奇妙的内置合成引擎和效果:振荡器合成器、采样器、鼓合成器、模拟低音合成器、鼓元素的模拟仿真、FX:滤波器、EQ、延迟、合唱、压缩器、饱和器等。

16 个机架式轨道加上主通道和 2 个发送通道
AUv3 插件支持,包括 MIDI 效果
内置效果:滤波器、3 频段均衡器、参数均衡器、延迟、合唱、压缩器、混响、移相器、饱和器、比特减少、立体声增强器
MIDI 剪辑钢琴卷帘编辑器
每个剪辑最多 256 个步骤的步进音序器
轨道电平触发选项以及 LFO 和 EG 调制器
矩阵 MIDI 剪辑和场景启动器,具有广泛的后续操作选项
样本库包括 1000 多个鼓和打击乐样本以及旋律音色


BAM – Beat Maker & Music Maker gives you everything you need to bring your musical ideas to life. Whether you want to make beats or make music, BAM – Beat Maker & Music Maker is perfect for beginners and masters alike. If you are new to beat making, BAM is the ideal way to learn how to make beats and create music; the easy-to-use interface means you can become a beat maker in minutes!

BAM comes loaded with a variety of fantastic built in synthesis engines and effects: oscillator synthesizer, sampler, drum synthesizer, analog bass synthesizer, analog emulation of drum elements, FX: filter, EQ, delay, chorus, compressor, saturator, etc.
Plus the included sample library is a huge sonic smorgasbord of sounds, easily accessible via the built in sample manager and recorder.
Everything you need to start making beats and music today!

16 rack-style tracks plus Master and 2 send channels
AUv3 plugin support, including MIDI effects
Full mixer with volume, pan, mute, solo, arm controls
Built-in synthesis engines: Oscillator synth, Drum synth, sampler, classic acid bass synth
Built in effects: Filter, 3-band EQ, parametric EQ, delay, chorus, compressor, reverb, phaser, saturator, bit reduction, stereo enhancer
MIDI clip piano roll editor
Step sequencer with up to 256 steps per clip
Clip based parameter modulation editor
Track level trigger options plus LFO and EG modulators
Matrix MIDI clip and scene launcher with extensive follow action options
Sample library including over 1000 drum and percussive samples, plus melodic timbres