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另一个重点是使事情恢复原样,我们认为这是在更短的时间内生产可靠的弦乐布置所必需的。这涉及创建单一的自然混合,并省略了很少使用的连音。我们还开发了“延音同步”功能,该功能可将起始延音与以下间隔/重复进行同步,从而使您不必对起始音符进行调整,以使其与量化时的间隔时间紧密匹配。最后,我们添加了一个“ To Silence”按钮,可以使Modwheel完全减小最柔和的动态效果以使其静音。这不仅为表达提供了独特的可能性,而且还节省了使用另一个控制器来模拟“ niente”递减的需求。

我们还同意,以传统的座位安排录制中型合奏不仅会在录音中提供足够的“独奏”细节,而且在编写和声时将具有更自然的透明度。经过一年中的各种测试,经过数月的录制,编辑,编程和尽可能多的润色,我们很高兴终于分享我们的首张产品Soaring Strings。撰写愉快!

*整个动态范围内的Molto expressivo颤音
*连奏的四个动态(p <fff),包括真正的FFF连奏采样
*五音谱的维持力(pp <fff)
* 48khz / 24bit
*与Kontakt 5.5.1+兼容(需要Kontakt的完整版本)


We wanted performances that catered to… (yes, I have to say it) soaring string lines and dramatic passages by having the players really dig in with the vibrato and giving us all they had with the triple forte dynamic. This also meant approaching the sessions in a unique, musical way to capture the kind of singular legato we were looking for.

Another focus was to dial things back with what we felt was necessary to produce credible string arrangements in a shorter amount of time. This involved creating a single, natural mix and omitting seldom-used legato articulations. We also developed a “Sustain Sync” feature that synchronizes the starting sustain with the following intervals/repetitions, which saves you from having to make adjustments to start-notes to closely match the intervals timing upon quantization. Lastly, we included a “To Silence” button that can enable the modwheel to completely diminish the softest dynamic to silence. This not only provides unique possibilities with expression, but also saves the need to use another controller to simulate a decrescendo to “niente”.

We also agreed that recording medium-sized ensembles in their traditional seating arrangement would not only provide enough “solo-istic” detail in the recordings, but would have a more natural transparency when writing harmonies. After various tests throughout the year, months of recording, editing, programming and bringing the polish as far as we could – we’re thrilled to finally share our debut offering, Soaring Strings. Happy composing!

* Innovative musical approach to sessions
* Medium-sized ensembles: violins, violas, cellos, basses
* Sections recorded in traditional seating arrangement
* Molto expressivo vibrato across the dynamic range
* Natural dynamics retained
* Section registers: Violins (G3-C6) Violas (C3-G5) Cellos (C2-C5) Basses (C1-C3)
* Four dynamics of legato (p < fff), including true FFF legato sampling
* Fives dynamics of sustains (pp < fff)
* True Bow-Change Repetition Sampling
* Sustain Sync
* “To Silence” feature
* Detailed sustain patches for each section
* Detailed full strings sustain patch
* Recorded on a scoring stage
* 48khz/24bit
* Compatible with Kontakt 5.5.1+ (requires full version of Kontakt)