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向摇滚之神致敬,与我们传奇的虚拟吉他手IRON 2.0版本的咆哮和动力和弦。现在完全大修和改进:播放自己的即兴演奏,从选择的跺箱效果中选择,并享受完全重新录制的样本和短语。



– 30种风格,超过350个短语
– 30个踏箱模拟,60个Finisher FX模式
– Drop D和加倍模式额外的脂肪


Brushed, polished and better than ever
Pay tribute to the gods of rock with roaring riffs and power chords with version 2.0 of IRON, our legendary Virtual Guitarist. Now completely overhauled and improved: Play your own riffs, choose from a selection of stomp box effects, and enjoy the entirely re-recorded samples and phrases.

IRON is suitable for all levels of music production experience. Seasoned musicians and composers will be impressed with its sound quality. Beginners will appreciate the frustration-free design speeding up workflows and enhancing the creative process.

What’s in There?
NEW: Instrument mode, freshly recorded samples and phrases
– 30 Styles, over 350 Phrases
– 30 Stomp box emulations, 60 Finisher FX Modes
– Drop D and doubling modes for extra fatness