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Kuassa Efektor Grandmaster 是一款综合性插件,经过高精度制作,可捕捉三个传奇 Marshall* 失真踏板的标志性音色:Guv’nor、Drivemaster 和 ShredMaster。 这款多功能插件使吉他手和制作人能够访问各种高增益失真声音,从脆脆的经典声音到激烈的攻击性声音。

凭借其直观的界面,“The Grandmaster”允许用户精确地调整音调,具有增益、低音、中音、高音和音量控制,反映了其模拟前辈的功能。 无论您是寻求 Drivemaster 的柔滑过载、Guv’nor 的多功能失真,还是 ShredMaster 的激进边缘,Kuassa Efektor Grandmaster 都能以无与伦比的灵活性和便利性提供受 Marshall* 启发的合法音色。

Kuassa Efektor Grandmaster 非常适合录音、表演或创意实验,将那些标志性的英国失真踏板的永恒声音直接带到您的数字音频工作站,使音乐家能够释放他们的创造力并轻松实现他们想要的音调。

高达 8 倍的过采样:通过高达 8 倍的过采样体验原始的音质和超流畅的操作,确保忠实再现音色的每个细节。
用户友好的界面:享受简单明了的单屏 GUI,使您可以直观、轻松地以理想的音调进行拨号。
作为 Amplifikation 360 模块提供**:将 Efektor Grandmaster 无缝集成到您的 Amplifikation 360 设置中,以获得全面的吉他处理解决方案。


Kuassa Efektor Grandmaster is a comprehensive plugin crafted with high precision to capture the iconic tones of three legendary Marshall* distortion pedals: the Guv’nor, Drivemaster, and ShredMaster. This versatile plugin offers guitarists and producers the ability to access a wide spectrum of high-gain distortion sounds, from crunchy classic to blistering aggression.

With its intuitive interface, “The Grandmaster” allows users to fine-tune their tone with precision, featuring controls for gain, bass, middle, treble, and volume, mirroring the functionality of its analog predecessors. Whether you’re seeking the creamy overdrive of the Drivemaster, the versatile distortion of the Guv’nor, or the aggressive edge of the ShredMaster, Kuassa Efektor Grandmaster delivers legitimate Marshall*-inspired tones with unparalleled flexibility and convenience.

Perfect for recording, performance, or creative experimentation, Kuassa Efektor Grandmaster brings the timeless sound of those iconic British distortion pedals directly to your digital audio workstation, empowering musicians to unleash their creativity and achieve their desired tone with ease.

Key Features
Three types of authentic British overdrives/distortions
Drive: Creamy overdrive
Gvnr: Versatile distortion
Shred: Lead distortion
Up to 8x Oversampling: Experience pristine audio quality and ultra-smooth operation with up to 8 times oversampling, ensuring every detail of your tone is faithfully reproduced.
Dry/Wet Control: Fine-tune the balance between your original signal and the affected sound to achieve the perfect blend for your mix.
Resizable Window: Customize the plugin interface to suit your workflow and screen real estate preferences with our resizable window feature.
User-Friendly Interface: Enjoy a straightforward single-screen GUI that makes dialing in your ideal tone intuitive and effortless.
Available as an Amplifikation 360 Module**: Seamlessly integrate Efektor Grandmaster into your Amplifikation 360 setup for a comprehensive guitar processing solution.