BUBBiX | 5 May 2024 | 300 MB

Nomad Factory 与 MoReVoX 合作推出 80 年代空间; 一个设计独特的插件,捕捉了那个时代许多伟大唱片的精髓和空间实现。 80’s Spaces 是一款原创的“80 年代氛围”插件,由 Plugivery 首席执行官 Eric Nolot 和 Nomad Factory 的老朋友 Bernie Torelli 三年前发起,无疑是 Nomad Factory 有史以来最原创、最有创意的插件。


Nomad Factory introduce 80’s Spaces, in collaboration with MoReVoX; a uniquely designed plug-in that captures the essence of and spacial realization heard on many of the great records of the era. 80’s Spaces is an original “80’s vibes” plug-in that was initiated by Plugivery CEO Eric Nolot and old time friend Bernie Torelli of Nomad Factory 3 years ago, and is surely the most original and creative plug-in ever built by Nomad Factory.