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具有 60 年代和 70 年代氛围的当代鼓手

这些节拍深入人心。 如果您希望在音乐中体现出这种品质,虚拟鼓手可以为您提供帮助。 我们的意思是“深”,即“深情”,“深”,即“复杂”和“错综复杂”。 深度作为情绪的衡量标准。 DEEP 是 UJAM 最有活力的鼓手,站在 Soul 和 Funk 等传统流派的肩膀上,目光坚定地聚焦于当代风格和永恒的未来经典。

灵魂乐和放克在 20 世纪 60 年代和 1970 年代主导了音乐界。 我们的想法是有充分理由的! 这些风格主要由史蒂夫·旺德、詹姆斯·布朗和马文·盖伊等非裔美国音乐家演奏。 在 Funk Brothers 和 Booker T. & The M.G.’s 等标志性节奏乐队的推动下,灵魂音乐席卷了舞台、电唱机和全世界的音乐之心。

灵魂音乐强调歌词、旋律和和声。 你可以将其根源视为没有宗教因素的福音音乐。 典型的歌曲强调旋律和声音。 灵魂音乐比放克音乐复杂得多,并且在商业上更成功。 这意味着灵魂鼓具有更多基本模式和更少的装饰。

DEEP 不仅涵盖深情和时髦的风格,而且还融合了流行、摇滚和另类氛围。 通过真实世界的鼓乐表演,让您的作品令人眼花缭乱,为您的曲目注入艺术生命。


Soulful Drums With a Big Heart

Contemporary drummer with a 60s & 70s vibe

Let’s get it on
These beats run deep. If that’s a quality you’re looking to elicit in your music, Virtual Drummer is here to help. And we mean deep as in soulful, deep as in complex and intricate. Deepness as a measure of emotions. DEEP is UJAM’s most spirited drummer, standing on the shoulders of traditional genres like Soul and Funk, with its gaze firmly set on contemporary styles and timeless future classics.

Sweet Soul music
Soul and funk dominated the music biz during the 1960s and 1970s. And we think for a good reason! These styles were predominantly played by African-American musicians like Stevie Wonder, James Brown, and Marvin Gaye. Soul music took the stages, record players and musical hearts of the world by storm, driven by iconic rhythm sections like the Funk Brothers and Booker T. & The M.G.’s.

From Retro to Metro
Soul music emphasizes lyrics, vocal melodies, and vocal harmonies. You could see the roots as gospel music without the religious factor. Typical songs emphasize melody and vocals. Soul music is much less complex than funk music and was more commercially successful. This means soul drumming features more basic patterns with fewer embellishments.

Edgy and energetic
DEEP covers not only soulful and groovy genres but feels also right at home with pop, rock and alternative vibes. Make your production dazzling, with real-world drumming performances, that breathe artistic life into your track.