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Stomp Board 是一个独立的应用程序和插件集,包含带有集成放大器模拟器的主机“Stomp Board”,以及来自原始 BBE Stomp Ware 经典的 8 个高级建模效果插件。 这些踏板也单独出售,并且向后兼容以前的 Stomp Ware 产品线(RTAS 格式除外,现已折旧)。 Stomp Board 及其后续踏板提供适用于 Windows 的 AAX、AU、VST 和 VST3 格式。

Stomp Board 充当 8 个吉他效果踏板的主机应用程序/插件,这些踏板取自原始的“Stomp Ware”经典,并且可以通过简单的拖放以任何顺序无限加载和链接,详细信息如下。 它包括一个专用且经过微调的门、4 个集成放大器(可让您从一开始就开始摇摆)、用于全局 EQ 设置的倾斜式音调控制以及输入和输出旋钮旁边的内置弹簧混响以及增益分级计量视图。


Stomp Board is a standalone application and plug-in set containing the host “Stomp Board” with an integrated amp simulator, and 8 premium modelled effect plug-ins from the original BBE Stomp Ware classics. The pedals are also sold individually and are backward compatible with the former Stomp Ware product line (except RTAS format, now depreciated). Stomp Board and its subsequent pedals are available in AAX, AU, VST and VST3 format for Windows.

Stomp Board acts as a host application/plug-in for 8 guitar effect pedals taken from the original “Stomp Ware” classics and which can be unlimitedly loaded and chained in any order via simple drag/drop, detailed below. It includes a dedicated and finely tuned Gate, 4 integrated Amps to get you up and rocking from the start, a tilt style Tone control for global EQ setting and inbuilt spring reverb alongside input and output knobs and gain staging metering view.