Sonixinema Contemporary Soloists Cello KONTAKT
Team DECiBEL | 21 Dec 2020 | 8.43GB

当代独奏家:大提琴是Kontakt新乐器系列中的第一部分。由演奏家大提琴家和作曲家丹尼·基恩(Danny Keane)演奏的独特而现代的管弦乐大提琴纹理,充满了灵魂,情感和原始特征。

该库旨在填补虚拟大提琴市场的空白,它具有引人入胜的独特声音,非常适合捕获现代电影的声音世界,Jed Kurzel,HildurGuenadóttir和JóhannJóhannsson等人都可以听到。我们的自定义用户界面经过精心设计,既直观又鼓舞人心,使您可以通过滤镜,混响,失真等变形和塑造声音。


为了捕捉丹尼19世纪大提琴丰富而精致的音调,我们决定选择一个相对干燥的房间,以获取我们想要的近距离和个人化声音。受现代电影作曲家(例如Jed Kurzel,HildurGuenadóttir和JóhannJóhannsson)的启发,我们不仅希望捕捉非常特别的音调质量,而且还想捕捉一些非常具体的发音,这些感觉都代表了我们许多喜欢的电影中所体现的音乐景观。分数。

Raw, Intimate, Soulful
Contemporary Soloists: Cello is the first installment in our new range of instruments for Kontakt. Featuring unique and contemporary orchestral cello textures performed by virtuoso cellist and composer, Danny Keane, It is full of soul, emotion and raw character.

Designed to fill a gap in the virtual cello market, this library has a wonderfully compelling and intimate sound which is perfect for capturing a modern cinematic sound world which can be heard in scores by the likes of Jed Kurzel, Hildur Guenadóttir and Jóhann Jóhannsson. Our custom user interface was carefully designed to be both intuitive and inspiring, allowing you to warp and shape your sound with filters, reverbs, distortion and much more.

Recording the Contemporary Soloists series is something we have had at the back of our minds since starting Sonixinema. We see it as the culmination of everything we’ve learned throughout our sampling adventure, and it truly represents Sonixinema’s ideals and taste. After being introduced to Danny and hearing him play, we knew we had to get together in the studio and start with one of our favourite instruments, the Cello.

To capture the rich and delicate tone of Danny’s 19th Century Cello, we decided to choose a relatively dry room, to get that real up close and personal sound that we were looking for. Inspired by modern film composers such as Jed Kurzel, Hildur Guenadóttir and Jóhann Jóhannsson, we wanted to capture not only a very particular tonal quality, but also some very specific articulations which we feel represent the musical landscape that is featured throughout many of our favourite film scores.

We captured a range of basic articulations such as Legato, Sustains, Spiccato, Pizzicato, Tremolo and Col Legno, however it is what we captured next which truly brings the library to life. In collaboration with Danny, we curated a range of unique and inspiring articulations, some of which aren’t featured in any other sample libraries. These include Arpeggio Crossings, Warped Sustains, Circular Bowing, Harmonic Falls, Harmonic Wavers, Harmonic Glissando and Seagull Screeches. Not only do these sounds work wonderfully as aleatoric effects but also can be used very musically and can be used to create fascinating and dark, soulful atmospheres which enrich scores and bring an amazingly raw and lifelike sound which is usually unachievable with samples.

Instrument – Cello
Product Range – Contemporary Soloists
Microphone Positions – Close Mono, Close Stereo, Mid, Far, Mix
Presets – 100+
File Size – 8.5 GB Uncompressed
Kontakt Version – Kontakt Player

Home Page – https://www.sonixinema.com/products/contemporary-soloists-cello

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