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Team DECiBEL | 08 Apr 2021 | 2.81GB

民族鼓、手鼓和地区鼓经常被用来唤起遥远国度、古老文明、异国情调的野生动物和人类冒险的声音。 World Percussion Creator 是一个虚拟乐器样本库,旨在以一种新的、更大且更灵活的方式传达这种自然的声音。

大多数库都提供有限的变化,而 World Percussion Creator 允许您从 36 种鼓和 36 种小型打击乐器的选择中创建、控制和生成您自己的多个独奏和合奏组 – 所有这些都可以通过一个界面进行演奏。

与其他 Creator 库一样,World Percussion Creator 包含大量专业的轰鸣声、砰砰声、深度冲击和“民族氛围”,所有这些都旨在将基本节奏转变为具有更大情感影响的优美鼓音轨。

World Percussion Creator 具有专用引擎、数百个 MIDI 文件和创新且易于使用的功能集,适合制作世界音乐鼓音轨的任何人。

Create, control & generate your ethnic drum sound.
Ethnic, hand played and regional drums are often used to conjure the sound of distant lands, age-old civilizations, exotic wildlife and human adventure. World Percussion Creator is a virtual instrument sample library designed to convey this natural sound in a new, larger and more flexible way.

Where most libraries present limited variations, World Percussion Creator allows you to create, control and generate multiple solo and ensemble groups of your own from a selection of 36 drums and 36 small percussion instruments – all playable from a single interface.


Like the other Creator libraries, World Percussion Creator contains a strong collection of specialty booms, slams, deep impacts and “ethno atmospheres”, all designed to transform basic rhythms into polished drum tracks with greater emotional impact.

With a purpose-built engine, hundreds of MIDI files, and an innovative yet simple-to-use feature set, World Percussion Creator is a match for anyone producing world music drum tracks.


INSTRUMENTS: 36 drums (many feature multiple articulations) and dozens of other small hand percussion sample sets and sound designed elements. Total sample count: 13700

VARIATION: All drum head hits feature seven variations at seven velocities; aka: 7×7 round-robin.

MIDI: 20 “suites” that include intros, core parts, fills and endings. High and Low mix variations are also supplied.

All parts can be auditioned from the interface and dragged-and-dropped directly to a DAW for user customization.

SOFTWARE: World Percussion Creator runs in Kontakt or the free Kontakt Player 5.7.1 or higher (requires a minimum of Windows 7 or Mac OS 10.11).

COMPUTER: Because World Percussion Creator is capable of using many samples at once, we recommend users have a current and powerful computer for the best experience.

Home page – https://insessionaudio.com/products/world-percussion-creator/

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