%title插图%numCradle and Frank Dukes The Prince v1.0.1.0 [WIN MacOSX]-FLARE | WiN: 476 MB | MacOSX: 528 MB

王子。所有人都向新声音频道致敬 Frank Dukes 的独特声音 Frank Dukes的职业生涯跨越 20 年,培养了这一代最著名的一些艺术家。Drake、The Weeknd、James Blake、Frank Ocean 和 Taylor Swift 等名字点缀着他广泛的作品。




来自众多老式合成器的 130 多个源样本,辅以大量控件和效果,可帮助您打造完美的声音。


The Prince 允许您独立操作两个图层,并使用强大的混合控件将它们混合。无论是互补的还是复杂的,舒缓的还是陌生的,在 The Prince 中发现您的下一个钩子都是轻松而令人上瘾的。

250 多个预设
由 Frank Dukes
Simple 设计策划和创建。复杂的细节。
弗兰克·杜克斯 (Frank Dukes) 在 The Prince 的设计过程中仔细考虑了任何人都可以创作音乐的精神。从新手和业余爱好者到词曲作者和合成器负责人,这取决于你走多远。


The Prince. All hail the new sound

Channel the unmistakable sound of Frank Dukes
With a career spanning 20 years, Frank Dukes has produced some of the most notable artists of this generation. Names like Drake, The Weeknd, James Blake, Frank Ocean, and Taylor Swift adorn his extensive body of work.

Frank’s application of emotive sounds, considered arrangements and lush melodies have become the hallmark of his songwriting and production.

The Prince, in its simplest terms, was created out of necessity. Utilizing an expansive collection of vintage synths at his studio, Frank created a wide array of sounds and put them in one instrument.

No matter where in the world, The Prince enables Frank to revel in his creativity the moment it strikes.

Over 130 source samples from numerous vintage synths, complemented by a plethora of controls and effects to help you craft your perfect sound.

Blendable and flexible

The Prince allows you to manipulate two layers independently of each other and mix them with a powerful blend control. Whether it’s complementary or complex, soothing or strange, discovering your next hook is effortless and addictive with The Prince.

250+ Presets
Curated and created by Frank Dukes
Simple design. Intricate details.
Frank Dukes’ ethos that anyone can make music has been carefully considered in the design process of The Prince. From newcomers and hobbyists to songwriters and synth heads, it’s up to you how deep you go.

Effect yourself
With a full suite of studio-quality effects, there is always a new creative avenue on offer. Instantly add depth, space and color to elevate your next production.

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