Team DECiBEL | 31 Dec 2021 | 2.40GB

Box Factory 是一个独特的电影打击乐器库,面向作曲家和制作人,拥有 40 件巨大的纸板箱合奏,在音乐厅中巧妙地采样。专为免费的 Kontakt Player 打造。

我们在一个音乐厅里集合了 6 位表演者和 40 个不同形状和大小的盒子,并策划了 13 个独特的合奏,从大到小盒子,使用各种棍子类型和表演技巧。

Box Factory 的声音很熟悉,但又完全独特。如果您使用过任何其他打击乐器库,它会以一种宾至如归的方式呈现 – 您可以像使用通鼓、太鼓和军鼓一样接近 – 但它提供了某种有机、原始和触觉的声音不同于任何传统的打击乐器。

无论是用作作品中的唯一打击乐器(如本页所有演示曲目的情况),还是与其他鼓叠加使用,Box Factory 提供的多样化音调和灵活的声音整形控制都将成为必不可少的声音成分对于任何想要更新他们的打击乐调色板的人。

我们回到了录制 Glacier Keys、Frozen Percussion、Dulciano 和许多其他音乐的音乐厅。使用来自 Neumann、Coles、DPA 和 Senheiser 的 32 个顶级麦克风,我们从房间内的多个角度捕捉了合奏。从这些录音中,我们创建了四种不同的混音 – Natural、Aggressive、Gritty 和 Snappy – 为您提供多样化的声音调色板,以配合任何音乐风格。

自然 – 这种混音是最接近源录音的声音。只需进行一些温和的处理来增强和润色原始录音,自然混音非常适合需要有机、非炒作声音的情况。

Aggressive – 通过精心挑选的加工链,Aggressive 混合会增加热量并增加一些额外的污垢和周长。这种混音中的大量压缩和饱和度带来了房间麦克风的氛围,并且可以通过“Punch”和“Decay Trim”控件进一步操纵以产生广泛的结果。

Gritty – 这个混音链使用了一些非常不寻常的过程(包括通过低音放大器运行信号!),并提供非常强大的声音和一些真实的魔力,并特别强调中频。 Gritty 混合物是我们个人的最爱。

Snappy – 虽然 Aggressive 和 Gritty 混音专注于大肆宣传原始录音,因此它们听起来比生活更重要,但 Snappy 混音恰恰相反。这种混音提供了短暂而活泼的击打声,具有尖锐的瞬态和不那么宽敞的声音。由于强调动态范围,Snappy 混音在手指下具有超强的响应性,并且演奏起来感觉很棒。


– 13 个独立的合奏,由 40 个纸板箱组成
– 在现代音乐厅环境中录制,具有 3 个可混合麦克风位置。
– 4 种不同的混音,可用于任何制作。
– 安装在我们全新的打击乐引擎中,具有简单的声音塑造控制和清晰度自定义。
– 具有速度和滤波器音序器的创新节奏动画
– 完整的 NKS 支持 – 适用于 Komplete Kontrol 硬件。
– 3GB 下载大小(NCW 从 5.5GB 样本池压缩)。
– 在免费的 Kontakt Player(v6.6 或更高版本)中运行。无需额外的采样器软件。


Box Factory is a unique cinematic percussion library geared towards composers and producers alike, featuring a huge 40-piece ensemble of cardboard boxes, masterfully sampled in a concert hall. Built for the free Kontakt Player.

About The Instrument
We assembled six performers and 40 boxes of different shapes and sizes in a concert hall, and curated 13 unique ensembles ranging from large to small boxes with a range of stick types and performance techniques.

The sound of Box Factory is familiar, yet totally unique. It is presented in a way that will feel at home if you’ve used any other percussion library – you can approach in the same way as you would toms, taikos and snares – yet it offers a certain organic, raw and tactile sound that is unlike any conventional percussion instrument.

Whether used as the sole percussion instrument in a composition (as is the case with all the demo tracks on this page), or layered with other drums, the diverse tones and flexible sound-shaping controls offered by Box Factory will be an essential sonic ingredient for anyone looking to freshen up their percussion palette.

The Sound
We returned to the same concert hall where we recorded Glacier Keys, Frozen Percussion, Dulciano, and many others. Using a selection of 32 top shelf microphones from Neumann, Coles, DPA and Senheiser, we captured the ensembles from multiple perspectives in the room. From these recordings, we created four distinct mixes – Natural, Aggressive, Gritty, and Snappy – giving you a diverse palette of sounds to complement any musical style.

Natural – This mix is the closest sound to the source recordings. With just some gentle processing to enhance and polish the raw recordings, the Natural mix is perfect for those situations where an organic, un-hyped sound is required.

Aggressive – With a carefully selected processing chain, the Aggressive mix turns up the heat and adds some extra dirt and girth. The heavy compression and saturation in this mix bring out the ambience in the room mics, and this can be manipulated further with the ‘Punch’ and ‘Decay Trim’ controls to yield a wide range of results.

Gritty – This mix chain uses some pretty unusual processes (including running the signal through a bass amp!), and offers a very powerful sound with some real mojo, and a particular emphasis on the mid-range. The Gritty mix is our personal favourite.

Snappy – While the Aggressive and Gritty mixes are focused on hyping the raw recordings so they sound larger than life, the Snappy mix is the opposite. This mix offers short and snappy hits with sharp transients and a less roomy sound. With an emphasis on dynamic range, the Snappy mix is super responsive under the fingers and feels great to play.

Each of the four mixes include three individual microphone perspectives (Close, Mid and Far). These signals can be blended with ease using the ‘perspective’ slider, or controlled with greater precision using the separate microphone faders, letting you dial in the perfect amount of ambience, whether you want a dry ‘studio’ sound, or a spacious sound which sits at the back of a mix.

– 13 separate ensembles, curated from 40 cardboard boxes
– Recorded in a modern concert hall environment, with 3 mixable microphone positions.
– 4 diverse mixes, ready to use in any production.
– Housed in our brand new percussion engine, with easy sound shaping controls and articulation customisation.
– Innovative rhythm animator with velocity and filter sequencers
– Full NKS support – works with Komplete Kontrol hardware.
– 3GB download size (NCW compressed from a 5.5GB sample pool).
– Runs in the free Kontakt Player (v6.6 or later). No additional sampler software needed.

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